Slimeatory Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Makes Lots of Coins


The Slimeatory has officially re-opened for business! In this slime business management game, you are in charge of running a full-fledged Slimeatory. Build machines to produce the base glue, then mix them into genuine slime!

More types of slime will be added when your business grows, so we will help you unlock them all with our Slimeatory cheats and tips!

Our Slimeatory cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will show you how to earn lots of coins while keeping your mixers and machines supplied with enough power. Let’s get started!

Collect lots of energy!

Every time you start up one of your production machines or mixers, you will expend energy. The amount of energy you use up depends on how valuable the slime is you are mixing, so it is important to keep your energy reserves well stocked.

Your solar panels will generate energy over time, so be sure check up on them every now and then. The starting solar panels will cap out at 100 energy per hour, so checking in every hour is enough!

Keep your mixers and machines busy!

The key to running a successful Slimeatory is to keep selling slime – who would have thought! But really though, the better you are at making sure all of your machines stay as active as possible, the quicker you will level up and earn more coins.

As soon as one of your machines finishes production, immediately queue up more product so that you are never empty handed. Start with your machines, as they give you the base ingredients for your mixers.

Sell an even amount of slime!

Even though it is tempting to load up your sales table with the most expensive slimes you have, it might be better to display every single type of slime you can have at your level. This way, if you have a customer come in looking for a specific kind of slime, you will be able to make a sale!

Complete drone orders!

You may have times where your shop is slow and there is not a customer in sight. This is the perfect time to fulfill some drone orders! Places around the neighborhood might ask for a delivery of certain materials, so send your drone out to complete the order and earn some experience points and coins.

Most drone orders will ask for base materials, not completed slime products, so keep that in mind.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune!

You can spin the Wheel of Fortune for free once a day. You can spin it more, but each spin costs slime gems, which we recommend to use those for expanding machine slots. You earn a random assortment of materials from the Wheel of Fortune, but you can also earn a star.

If you earn three stars, you will get the jackpot bonus! Lots of coins wait for you if you are lucky!

That’s all for Slimeatory! If you have any other slime making tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Slimeatory Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Makes Lots of Coins


    • You just need to keep selling and making slimes. And heres a tip: you get a tip (extra coins) everytime you help a customer so for example if a customer comes in and then they have a coin over their head that means they need help, then you just need to click on them to help them and they give you a tip! And the tip doesnt even include the money for the slimes, so for example if you are selling a white slime, if you help a customer, they give you 2 as a tip and then 5 for the actual slime you would get 7 coins instead of 5.

    • You need to sell some of your slimes and ingredients! If you cant make more ingredients that means either your storage is full or you need energy. If you need energy, just get more energy from the energy area in the bottom. But if your storage is full you need to upgrade it using coins. If you dont know how to upgrade it just go to the little box in the corner of the place you want to upgrade (for example the ingredients area) once you see the little box, click on it then press upgrade then confirm. If you still need coins just sell slimes! Hope this helped.

  1. The slimeatory is a good game and all but it dose need a few adjustments cause it moves in and out of the screen and the avatares are so expencive… It is a good but bad game…


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