Remember those sliding tile puzzles? The ones where you have to slide tiles around to either create a picture from the drawings on the tiles or to connect a path from one end to another? Well, imagine that, but taken to the extreme, and you will end up with Lanescape.

Lanescape is a tile sliding puzzle game from Zealtopia Interactive, the same minds that brought us similar minimalistic puzzle games like Monorama and Huetopia. Lanescape takes the tile sliding mechanic and introduces some interesting new mechanics.

The goal is still relatively the same – players’ objective is to get the tiles in specific spots to complete the puzzle. Lanescape has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, though. For starters, each row and all of the tiles in the puzzle have color, and the tiles must be in the same row as their color.

Some tiles even have dots on them to indicate how many more times they can be moved. If a tile has one dot on it, you can only move it once, so in addition to the classic rule of only being able to move tiles to adjacent free spaces, you also need to plan ahead for the moves!

Lanescape is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 0.99 USD.


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