Mutant fish from another dimension have invaded the polar region, and now it’s up to you and a band of furry rollers to save the day! Polar Rollout is a cute and charming physics-based puzzle game. Roll your way through all of the crazy fish!

Each level in Polar Rollout is set up like this: you have a bunch of those fish and a portal to hit. You’ll need to draw a line for your roller to hit all of the fish and hop into the portal. It’s easy to pick up, but the challenge comes in soon enough!


Your roller dips and hops with each loop and drop you make in your path, so keep that in mind. If you want to go really fast, why not try out some roller coaster designs? You’ll be really rolling with some loop-de-loops!

Each world has its own gimmicks to play around with, too! Your rollers will launch out of pineapple rockets, dance around fireballs, bounce off mushrooms, just to name a few! There’s always a new mechanic to keep things fresh.


Polar Rollout is a full puzzle adventure across the world with over 120 levels to barrel into. Along the way you’ll unlock new friends to roll as, new special abilities to unleash upon the fish, and of course fantastic new worlds to discover!

Polar Rollout is a wacky puzzle game that’s fun for all ages, and it’s available now on the iOS App Store!


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