The evil Space Shogun have ruthlessly pillage planets across the galaxy, and only one lone ninja is the key to stopping them. Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is a galaxy-faring idle game where you hone your ninjutsu to save the galaxy from a terrible fate!

In the vast expanses of space, you will visit planets from all over the galaxy, liberating them one at a time. Your ninja will automatically slice through huge waves of enemies, and you can tap to make him attack more!

Once you have collected some resources, you can upgrade your ninjas in all sorts of ways. You can increase their damage, defense, speed, and more by using special Energy Capsules by liberating planets.

It is best to be prepared because in order to fully recapture a planet, you must take down the evil boss running the show. Make sure your ninja is prepared for a fight, because these bosses do not hold any punches!

After the battle, claim your loot and craft new gear, abilities, and even new heroes to play as on your epic adventure. And of course because it is an idle game, your ninjas will automatically collect riches for you when you are away.

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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