Slayin is a new type of endless action RPG! With simple controls and gameplay, it doesn’t seem to complex, but the action ramps up very quickly and death can catch you if you’re not prepared! Choose from a variety of classes with their own different unique slayin’ tools and conquer all of the bosses! We’ll help you rack up the fame points with our Slayin cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch the ground!

More often than not, about eighty percent of the damage you take will be from accidentally colliding with enemies – usually slimes – coming up from the ground. Keep an eye on the ground and be sure that your character’s hitbox isn’t on a collision course with any unsuspecting slimes nearby. Jump if you need to, but usually just time your movements so that you run straight into them with your weapon.

2. Complete the quests!

Before you embark on each adventure, you’re given three quests. Completing one of these quests will net you extra fame points when the run is over. If you forget them in the middle of a game, you can recheck them by pausing the game and opening the menu. These are worth a lot of fame points, so be sure to do them!

3. Keep up your combos!

Don’t let your combo break! Every enemy you kill increases your combo count by one and your meter by a little bit. So as long as you kill another enemy before the meter empties, your combo will increase. The higher it is, the more fame points enemy kills are worth. If you can keep a long combo going, you’ll rack in a lot of fame points! Do note that taking damage does not reset your combo count, so if you have to, take a hit for the greater good!

4. Save your fame points!

You can spend your fame points on new UI colors, background songs, gravestone decorations, and new characters. Everything besides the characters are all aesthetic, meaning they have no effect on gameplay. Before you spend any fame points on these decorations, save them for unlocking new characters.

5. Only one weapon at a time!

We were a bit confused by this at first but eventually realized that the weapon buffs you buy from the merchant do not stack, meaning that when you buy a new weapon you will lose any benefits the previous one had that your new one does not. If you buy an increased speed weapon and then buy a longer range weapon, you will lose the speed buff. Choose your weapons wisely!

6. Stats!

There seems to be five main stats:

  • Reach is how big your weapon is. Higher reach weapons are safer to attack with due to their large size.
  • Speed is how fast your character moves. Makes it easier to keep combos going.
  • Luck is how often enemies drop gold and items.
  • Attack is how much damage you dish out.
  • Defense is how much damage you can take before you bite the dust!

Weapons and armors sold by the merchant will help increase some of these stats, but as mentioned before, only when you have that weapon equipped!

7. Early boss tips!

  • The Minotaur is the boss of level 1. He will start off at one side of the screen, building up a running charge. He’s completely invincible during this time, so don’t bother attacking. After a couple seconds, he will dash to the other side of the screen very quickly. Jump over him and he’ll hit the side of the screen and become stunned momentarily – this your opportunity to attack!
  • The Imp is the boss of level 2. His pattern involves him warping to either side of the screen, then shoot out an energy ball. The energy ball will either travel in a straight line or in a curvy pattern. Which way it goes depends on where the Imp ends up after his teleport – if he’s close to the ground, the energy ball will go in a line. If he’s higher in the air, it’ll be curvy.
  • The Mother Slime is the boss of the level 3. She’s actually much easier than the previous bosses. She just jumps and moves around, and upon damaging her she will split into small segments. The smaller segments are quicker and harder to hit, but you should have no problem.

That should be a good starting point for this addicting endless RPG. If you have any other tips or tricks to share with us, please leave a comment below!


  1. Just so you know:
    – grammar error in the second sentence
    – your tips are no-brainers, like you didn’t even play the game for more than a sitting. I just got the game and this stuff was already apparent to me
    – while speed and high coin-combos seems like a good idea your attempts will get you killed much faster; the point of the game is not coins, but fame points
    – there is no stat for attack; all minions die in one hit and all bosses die in 5-8 hits
    – it’s the king slime, not the mother slime
    Final Notes: quantity versus quality. I get that you may feel like you need walkthroughs for as many mobile games as possible, but make sure they’re actually good enough to bring people back for more
    Hope I helped!


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