Skyline Skaters is a beautiful side scrolling endless runner game that puts you in the sneakers of a skater who performs tricks and collects coins on rooftops. I am not here to praise the game, though, but to share with you a set of Skyline Skaters cheats, actually some tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get better at the game, record the highest high score possible and keep you going until your eyes hurt. No, that’s not really a thing to aim for, but you get the point!

So let’s move on and let’s check out below the Skyline Skaters cheats and tips for an endless run!

Go for the bonuses
The Streak Bonus and especially the Grind Bonus are great ways to boost your score. So try to collect all groups of coins (especially early on when it’s super easy) and grind as much as possible. In order to grind more you are usually required to go up higher on the pipes, but once you’re there, you’ll love all that super score.

Collect the letters
Forming a complete word (which is chosen randomly) will trigger Skate Mode and that is the easiest way for you to earn a ton of extra coins. So whenever you see a letter, try to collect it. And don’t worry if you miss one – it will appear again pretty soon.

Beware the exclamation marks!
Exclamation marks will announce the direction from where the bombs will come from. Always have that in mind when deciding your move, because hitting a bomb is instant game over. Sometimes you will have to follow a route that doesn’t give you as much coins or grind options just to avoid those bad bombs.

Upgrade your board
Before going for the power-ups and such, upgrade your board a few times for increased score. You get huge bonuses to your score every time you upgrade your board, and that’s extremely useful in the long run. Plus you complete missions and gain rank, which again increases your score.

Master the double jump
This (or the triple jump if you unlock a special character) will really help you around, especially when it comes to avoiding incoming missiles. Master the double jump to jump over them but also to get past obstacles, reach higher platforms and collect all coins for a streak.

What power-up to get
Most of the power-ups in Skyline Skaters are really useful. I personally find the Rocket really good since it gives you a short boost every time you get one, but I also like the double score and shield. The magnet is not that useful since you’ll find it pretty easy to collect all the coins by yourself, while the rainbow is the least useful since you shouldn’t have any trouble jumping over the gaps in the game. Keep upgrading the ones you like the most in order to increase their duration.

Log in with Facebook
If you log in with Facebook, you will receive a special character, Mia, which gets a nice grind bonus, plus 1 Superbox and 10 free bucks. Plus, you will start getting a daily bonus when you do it. That’s a sweet deal you should take advantage of right away!

Don’t overspend Bucks
Bucks are hard to get and you should try not to overspend them on continues and especially on skipping missions. Save up for a superbox instead, and use them only when you’re just about ready to beat your high score (or you already did that and you want to keep going).

Watch ads for boosts
I also find it pretty useless to spend your coins on boosts, when you can save them up for upgrades, board upgrades, the Gearbox and new characters. Instead, watch ads for free boosts, stack them up and use them when you really feel that you need them. Otherwise ignore them because they’re not that amazing after all.

And these would be my Skyline Skater tips and tricks for you, I really hope you will find this advice useful and it will help you get the most out of the game. Do you have other strategies that work? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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