Nickelodeon’s new show, Game Shakers, features a fun new game called Sky Whale! Sky Whale is an endless runner – or should we say flier – where you take control of the titular Sky Whale to see how far you can go. Gain coins for getting far and use them to buy boosters to help you go even further! We’ll help you go far with our Sky Whale cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Conserve your donuts!

When you initially launch, don’t try to blow through all of your donuts at once. Use a donut only if you see an object you can bounce on OR if you see another donut you can grab. Using a donut to grab another donut sounds redundant but it’s basically a free jump, which can lead to other boosters!

2. Keep an eye out for donut piles!

They’re extremely rare, but donut piles are wonderful. They look like giant doughy mounds covered in chocolate. Touching one of these will cause them to explode, sending a ton of donuts around the surrounding area. We’re talking maybe about 50 donuts!! Keep an eye out for these and grab as many donuts as you can!

3. Unlock the Snorkel quick!

The Snorkel is one of the early wearable items you can unlock. Unlike the other early wearable items which don’t seem to have any obvious effects, the Snorkel allows you to dive underwater once. Try not to use it until you’re out of donuts, as upon entering the water you will immediately gain two donuts. You can even choose to stay underwater if you so please – there are coffins that act like boosters that propel you horizontally. You can even gain a couple donuts! Once you run out though Sky Whale will jump out and gain one donut on the way up.

4. Buy new items as fast as possible!

With that said, you should aim to buy every single item possible. They all help in some way and there’s no point to saving your coins (are those coins?), so buy them whenever you can! The more items you can add to the world the higher your chances are of getting really far.

5. You’re going for distance!

Remember – you’re going for distance, not height. Getting up really high is not necessarily a good advantage, especially if you don’t have any boosters that can spawn that high up. Keep this in mind in conjunction with the other tips. Conserve your donuts and utilize boosters and clouds whenever possible!

6. Items spawn in certain places!

Items have a higher chance of appearing in specific places. Some might spawn more in the pink sky area, while some can only spawn in space, the highest area. Some items only spawn underwater! You can check to see which items have the best place of spawning by looking at the icon next to the purchase icon.

That’s all for Sky Whale! Have any other tips or tricks to share? Leave a comment below!


  1. I do all that, but I think that the more boosts you have, the better! Also you should consider dressings, they don’t cost as much as boosts and can help so far if you are falling!

    • Yeah, in the earlier version there was only the space above the pink area and then the darker space, but now there is an awesome universe called groovetopia as well!

  2. The reason why I looked this up is because I am a big fan of game shakers and their game Sky Whale, but I really just want to know how to get to the highest world and how to find the very rare donut puff clouds, because when I do see them I try my VETY HARDEST to get them but I always either miss them or jump RIGHT over them!



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