Sky Punks Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Rovio Stars, the creators of the ever popular Angry Birds, have come out with a new creation: Sky Punks! In Sky Punks, you control a rider racing on a mysterious contraption known as a glidewing. It’s an endless runner with a cutesy twist, so get ready to ride with our Sky Punks cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use the right rider for the job!

Each rider has a passive ability that differentiates them from the other riders. Learning to to use the right rider for the level is part of the fun! Before you jump into a level, there will be a window that shows you your objectives. This window will also suggest the recommended rider to use. You don’t have to listen to it, but doing so is usually for your benefit! For example, the levels where you must reach a certain score are easier with Suma, who has a passive score multiplier. She also receives score multiplier power ups during the level.

2. Keep going for bonus mode!

Each level has three stars to obtain. The more you complete your objective, the more stars you earn, whether it be to reach a certain score, go a certain distance, and so forth. After you reach the 3rd star mark, you will enter bonus mode! You will see a random supply of power ups fly ahead of you, scattering themselves all over the track. These bonus power ups range from the temporary power ups to neo crystals, the premium currency! If you’re in no rush, stick around and see how far you can go! The power ups will make it worth your while!

3. Use your temporary power ups!

Remember that you get one free offensive and boost power up at the beginning of each level. You can find extra ones as you go through the course. This is especially important to know for the race levels where you need to beat your friends and come in 1st place. Hitting an opponent with the offensive power up will cause them to wipe out and respawn a couple paces behind you, giving you the extra space. The boost power up works exactly like the boost gates, but you can use them at will. These boosts are useful for pulling ahead of opponents! A good way to get ahead of the pack is to hit one opponent with your offensive power up then use your boost to get ahead of the one you didn’t hit. Additionally, both the offensive shot and boost power ups can save your from crashing into an object!

4. Get those stars!

Aside from the aforementioned bonus mode, getting stars is the only way to level up. In this game, there are no experience points! At the main menu, you can see stars next to your level. Stars you earn from levels go towards filling the star meter, and when it’s full, you’ll level up. This is the only way to level up, so be sure you’re getting all the stars!

5. Don’t upgrade your starting glidewings!

You can purchase additional glidewings by spending neo crystals. In addition to that, you will also unlock glidewings by leveling up to a certain level. These glidewings can be upgraded by spending a hefty amount of coins on them. Upgrading the first couple of glidewings is generally not worth it as the later ones will have much better base stats, so save your coins!

Sky Punks is an unlimited adventure, so if you discover any other tips to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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Sky Punks Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


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