Sky Dancer is a minimalist, artistic take on the endless runner genre. Choose from a variety of whimsical characters each with their own unique designs and then dive into a beautiful planet. You’ll be sky diving like no tomorrow, so we’re going to prepare you for Sky Dancer’s challenges with our Sky Dancer cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Sky Dancer, like most endless runners, is all about mastering one key mechanic and in this game’s case it’s the sky diving. You’ll need precision taps to survive these dives, so read on to find out how in this Sky Dancer tips and tricks guide.

1. Use light taps!

In order to perform Perfect Landings, you’ll need to land your character in the center of the next platform. To do this requires some precise mid-air manuevering, which is why we recommend using light taps. When you tap in a direction, your character will continue to drift that direction even if you let go. The longer you hold your finger down, the faster and longer you’ll move. Try to gauge how far and fast you’ll need to move as you’re falling down, and use light taps accordingly. The only time where you’ll need to tap and hold for longer than a second are the platforms that are really far away!

2. Look out for the character parts!

Throughout your run you might come across shining objects. These are character parts! Collecting enough of these will unlock a new character for you to play as. 100 little boots will unlock Quin Quin, the little boy. 200 robot legs will unlock the Sad Robot. Poor guy. The demon horns will unlock Satan, and you need a whopping 500 horns! It’ll be a while before you unlock them, so better start working now!

3. Complete the missions!

Unless specifically noted, missions are cumulative and don’t require completion in a single run. Try to complete as many as you can, because your score multiplier goes up permanently once you complete a set. The more missions you do, the higher your final score will be!

4. Master diving!

That’s about it really. The core of Sky Dancer comes from being able to land your dives, as the regular platform obstacles aren’t that dangerous. As we mentioned, it’s usually better to use light and short taps to move your character. Sometimes there will be multiple platforms for you to choose from; try to pick the widest and safest platform. Sometimes chunks of rock will be in your way – don’t confuse these as platforms! Unless a platform is completely straight and flat, it is not safe to land on.

That’s all for Sky Dancer for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Can you help me with a mission? It says “Land 20 perfect landing while driving from the left” but I don’t know what I have to do…


  2. You have to make a perfect landing while falling to the right. So when you jump and if the following platform below is on the right, just list to the right and try to make it a perfect landing.

  3. I seem to land perfect landings all the time while driving from the left and or right but it doesn’t ever give me credit. Suggestions?

    • sometimes there is a circular rock formation between your jump and where you will land. just gotta wait for one of those to come along, that’s all.

  4. One of the missions says, immediately jump afteryou land. I’ve been doing that but it isn’t giving me the achievement. Whys that?

    • U have to jupm from very short platform to another one, meaning not to land to the same platform from which u jumped, and u have to perform the jump before u land

  5. Hi! I don’t know what a “zig zag skydive” is and I tried doing almost everything. Can anyone help me, please?
    Thank you 😉

  6. Zig zag skydiving.
    I just finished 10 zigzags in 5 minutes after days of looking on google :P. I used the first platform pressed left, right, left, right after jumping (do need a certain distance) but you don’t need to land on the platform. With 4/5 switches you have one zigzag

      • The best I can say is long enough to count one. A second is too long…i think i made 4/5 switches in 2-3 seconds. Give it a few tries. It was trial and error for me too

      • The best I can say is long enough to count one. A second is too long…i think i made all the switches I needed in 2-3 seconds. Give it a few tries. It was trial and error for me too

  7. Can someone help me with ‘land on a platform to the right’?
    I thought it just landing on platform that is on the right but that doesn’t always seems to give me any credit. Even when there are couple of platforms and I land on the right one. Thanks

    • You have to be holding your finger down in the direction it says. For my game it also says left and means right so you might have to try a few times with each side

  8. Can anyone explain how to do this one? “Land on a platform to the right 3 times in one run.” I’ve landed on the extreme right side of platforms, been holding right as I landed, chosen the right-side platform when there are multiple options, and gotten perfect landings while holding right as I landed. All of these I’ve done more than 3 times in one run. Nothing works, and I can’t figure out how to pass it. Been stuck on this challenge for 3 days now.

    • This one is tricky i think. If you hold right, it means you’re comming in from the left. Try it the other way around? I’m not really sure if it’s going to work but it can’t hurt to try

  9. A sand fall is like a waterfall, but with sand 😛 it’s those gold colored ribbons streaming from the rocks above… just run through em

  10. hey, can u help me how to do this ? immediately jump 3 times after landing in one run . i have tried to jump immediately 3 times after i land in one run but it doesnt work. whats the logic behind it ? the challenges in this game are complicated n not clear smtms.

  11. The explanation about immediately jump 3 times after landing on a short step is incorrect. I’ve tried doing this and it doesn’t work. I need help.

    • you need to perform 3 immediate jumps in the different landing, it means you should perform single immediate jump in the single landing, and repeat it 2 more times

  12. Hi! I have a little problem. One of the challenges says “collect 3 trophies at night” but I have already unlocked all the characters you can unlock with those trophies, so there aren’t any of them on the map… so what do I do now to complete the challenge? Can anyone help me, please?

  13. There is this challenge which says “Perform 2 successful double jump (short-long)” and before this was “short-short-long jump”. How do you do them?

    • I have just been buying my way out of this one. No matter what I do, I cannot accomplish this task. I have scores reaching 35,000 to 45,000 on a regular basis and I have yet to find and movement, jump, or trick that satisfies this challenge. Same goes for jump 6 times immediately after landing. I’ve jumped to the point of losing the game and destroying my overall global rank. This game was designed beautifully, but many of the challenges are about as clear as mud. I think a quick demo of each challenge would be vastly helpful!

  14. For Level 50 you must stay alive for 6 minutes! Has anyone completed this? I saw a YouTube video where the person scored over 52,000 points, he didn’t last 6 minutes!!

  15. Hello! I’m hoping you can help me.
    One of the objectives is to “perform a double jump (short-long)”. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do this. Please help!
    Much thanks.

    • You have to land in a platform tapping one single time to the left or to the right to guide your jump in the correct direction

  16. Does anyone know how to do the double jump mission please? I can’t figure out what they qualify as a “double jump”