Sky: Children of the Light Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Rescue All Spirits

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When the stars fall from the sky, it is up to the children of the light to rescue the cosmos! Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful new game from thatgamecompany, the creative minds behind Journey and Flower.

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Take on the role of a child of light in their quest to restore the stars. Along the way, you will make friends with lots of other human players on the same quest as you. You are never alone in the world of Sky, and our tips and tricks will show you how to succeed on your journey.

Sky: Children of the Light is a wonderful game and we highly recommend taking a few moments to simply discover and explore on your own. Once you do so, feel free to dive into our Sky: Children of the Light cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to find all spirits!

Rescue the spirits!

The stars need returning! If you are lost in the expansive world of Sky, start here. Sky is divided up into several levels, and you can access them all at any point from your home base through the portals. There are several spirits that need to be returned to the cosmos in each level, and if you stand on the special pad with the constellation on it, you can see how many spirits still need rescuing in each level.

In order to rescue a spirit, you must first free them from their stone tombs. Once you follow a spirit’s history, you will find their stone remains. Light them up with your candle, and they will return to the stars. You are not done yet though – in order to complete the ritual, you must find the level’s end temple. The spirits you have freed have gathered here, and only then you can send them back to the cosmos once and for all.

Every returned spirit has a “reward tree” for you to browse, and you do so either in person or from the constellation pad in your home base. Unlocking new rewards requires light tributes and hearts.

Look for the red candles!

When you are exploring the world, be on the look out for red candles. These candles are usually situated in places where you should be anyways, as they are often little guideposts that the developers have left in. When you get close to red candles, you can absorb some of the light essence. Light energy fills up at the top left corner, and when you fill it up all the way, you will earn one light tribute, one of the main currencies in the game.

Destroy the darkness!

In addition to the red candles, you may come across the “darkness”. The darkness takes on many shapes, but most of the time you will find creepy little shadow bugs lying around somewhere. You cannot miss them, as they stand out a lot because of their shading and darkness. You can burn these dark bugs away by getting close to them with a candle, and they will reward you with more light essence.

Look for the lens flare focus!

When you are in a level and you are searching for spirits, be on the look out for the unmistakable lens flare focus. You will know it when you see it – when you see effects on your screen that looks like a flare of some sort, you will notice that it is shaped like a crosshair. If you look in the center of the flare, you will see a spirit. These lens flares guide you to nearby spirits, so keep an eye out.

Return with more Winged Light and spirits!

Whenever you rescue a yellow spirit, they will reward you with a Winged Light instead of returning to the constellations. Winged Lights, once you collect enough, will level up your wing level, allowing you to fly higher and for greater lengths. You will come across certain situations (the earliest being Daylight Prairie) where you will not be able to reach a high ledge. Simply keep it in mind for later, then come back when you have your wings upgraded enough.

Going off of that, you may have noticed those “force fields” around the levels. These force fields can only be passed if you have rescued enough spirits in the level, so do not forget about these as well. The paths beyond these force fields often hold more spirits and Winged Light spirits.

Return to the spirits once they are freed for fun stuff!

Once you return a spirit to its constellation, you can meet them in person at the beginning of a level’s hub. You can offer them light tributes and you unlock new expressions, new outfits, and new spells for your sky child. This is also one of the few ways to earn hearts, so you will need lots of light tributes. Just keep going near red candles, burning the darkness, and rescuing spirits and you should be able to get a lot of light tributes.

Try out spells!

Sometimes a spirit will have a spell in their reward tree. Spells are cool little magic spells that affect you and nearby players. These spells can range anywhere from simply cool and neat like the Fireworks spell to actually helpful like the Anti Gravity spell, which lowers gravity around you for five minutes. Heads up though – spells are a one time use, so you will need to unlock another one if you want to use it again.

Make lots and lots of friends!

The true magic of Sky lies within the ability to makes friends with any player you come across. Before you can do so, you will need to offer a light tribute. If the player accepts, you can name them and you can spend additional light tributes to unlock actions like the ability to hold hands, hug, and other wholesome things.

Not only is it fun, but it is also helpful too! When you are back at your home base, you can view your friends list from the constellation pad. You can send them light essence once a day, and they can send it to you too! Be sure to do this to be a good friend!

And there will even be points in the levels where you need another person to progress. In the second area of the Daylight Prairie, you will come across doors that have diamonds on them. You can light up a diamond with your candle, and all of the diamonds need to be lit for the door to open. However, the diamonds only stay lit for a second, so you will need another person stationed nearby to light at the same time you do.

If you cannot get anyone to help you with it, be sure to use your calls! You can tap on your child to do a small call, but a big call will really get their attention. Tap and hold on yourself then let go to do a big call, alerting all nearby players. It is a surefire way to get their attention!

Sky: Children of the Light is a magical and wonderful game, and the joy of the adventure is simply discovering things with newfound friends. Make lots of friends, share QR codes below in the comments, and let us know if you have any other tips or tricks to share with your fellow fliers!

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Sky: Children of the Light Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Rescue All Spirits

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