Sky Car Racing aka Sky Cars is a new physics-based puzzler racing game for iPhone and iPad, one that kept me busy for hours, challenging me to beat my maximum distance over and over again. And if you are here, you probably know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world! Hopefully our Sky Car Racing cheats: tips and tricks for Sky Cars will help you get farther and farther with each try until you eventually make it to the end. If there is one, because we haven’t managed to get there either.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Sky Cars tips!

1. Keep an eye on the battery
The battery is the most important thing to keep an eye on that you can control directly: when the battery dies, it’s game over. So make sure that you use the battery (either by accelerating or braking) as little as possible. Use momentum when going down and let the car roll without hitting the gas pedal and try to balance the speed by slowly tapping the pedals instead of keeping them pressed. Exceptions are the really steep climbs, when you have to use all that you have.

2. Learn the obstacles and find the pattern
After playing the same part of the stage over and over again, you will easily learn to go through the level almost without a break. Every obstacle has a pattern and this means that you can learn it. Be patient, prepare to crash and burn, to become frustrated, but learn each of the obstacles: the cutting wheel always rolls in the same direction and you can simply wait for it to pass. The rocket-like thingie is the most difficult, in my opinion, since you have to go under it when it’s completely up and so on. Learn how each obstacle works and you are already halfway there.

3. Buy a new car
You should get pretty fast to 50,000 coins, which means that you will be able to purchase the second car very soon after starting the game. You should do it, because there’s nothing to use those hard earned coins on and new cars are a lot better, helping you get farther.

4. Hold on to the keys
Early on, the impulse would be to spend the free keys for continuing the race, but that’s not a good idea because you will surely not get far. Instead, wait to get at least the first upgrade and only then start to spend the keys you already have. Be smart about it and you will get really far.

5. Car invicibility
Tapping the car icon in the upper left corner makes your car invincible for a short while. Just like the keys, these precious items should only be used when you really have to: either when an obstacle that you can’t get past follows, or when you have a quick series of obstacles that you can easily go through in one go.

6. Be patient. Rinse and repeat
This type of game is extremely addictive because it turns you into an expert at the start of the race, but a complete newb as you progress. The secret is to keep your calm (although you will generally be tempted to go in an all-rage mode) and keep pushing. Eventually, you will get far.

So… how far have you managed to get in Sky Car Racing of iPhone and iPad? Do you have any other tips and tricks that we haven’t written here?


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