Ketchapp continues the simple and fun games with Sky Ball, a one-touch challenging platformer runner! Launch your ball into the air and hop from platform to platform. How far can you go? Our Sky Ball cheats and tips is here with a few tricks to hone your platform hopping skills so that you can top the high score boards!

Sky Ball, just like most of Ketchapp’s games, is simple to play but very hard to master, so we hope to give you a hand with our Sky Ball cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Don’t let your finger drift up!

Finger control is very important here! As funny as that sounds, you need to make sure that your thumb or whatever finger you’re using to control the ball stays near the bottom of the screen. It’s very easy to slowly let your finger move up as the ball starts rolling faster, but keeping it out of your way is very important. Blocking your own vision is a good way to end a run short!

Go for the Jump Pads!

Jumps pads are denoted by ramps with red arrows on them, usually seen at the end of a platform. They’ll lift you high into the sky, and this is important for several reasons! The first being that you gain more points for every second you’re in the air, so you want to be airborne as much as possible.

Secondly, you generate speed and height with every jump. It may not seem like it, but your ball does slow down over time and if you let it get too slow, there’s a chance you won’t be able to clear the jumps between platforms anymore.

Hit the boost pads!

In addition to that jump pads, there’s also boost pads, yellow arrows on the platforms. These will dramatically boost your ball, and they’re helpful whenever you need a quick burst of speed. They’re usually placed right in front of jump pads, so you can get some mad air by combining them.

Just be careful though! It may surprise you but there IS such a thing as going too fast. The game’s speed goes up on its own the longer you survive, and hitting too many boost pads can result in your careening off the edge of a platform. Watch your speed and use your discretion when taking boost pads!

Don’t skip platforms!

When your run has gone on for a long time, things will start to feel really fast. It’ll be so fast that you may feel like you can jump past certain platforms. Don’t do this! While it may seem like you have enough speed to clear gaps, this will almost always result in you falling just a little short of the next platform. Be sure to move from platform to platform unless you are absolutely sure you have enough height and speed to skip a platform.

Watch out for the gems!

Those precious gems will try to tempt into unfavorable situations, so watch out for them! You’ll see gems either completely alone or a in a full row. The full rows of gems are the ones that try to get you, as naturally you’ll want to start from the beginning of the row so you can scoop them all up, right?

Well, going off of the tip right before this one, you know why that’s a bad idea! Trying to get the whole row is very dangerous and will more than likely make you miss the platform if you try to skip the one before it. Gems are only used for unlocking new skins for your ball, so it’s up to you to if that’s worth it or not.

That’s all for Sky Ball! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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