If you have been stumbling around in the platform game Skullduggery and have no idea if there are other better ways to play the game, you have literally stumbled into the right place. In this Skullduggery cheats: Tips and Tricks guide, we will be covering some useful tips that will help you understand the game and ultimately enjoy it more.

  • Coins

Levels in Skullduggery are full of coins but this doesn’t mean that you should always try to get all of them on your first time through a stage, as most of times trying to get them will make you loose speed and make it more difficult to clear the stage. For this reason there are times when it’s better top focus on completing the stage rather than collecting all the coins by aiming for springs and other elements that will help you clear the stage. Since you are able to play through stages over and over, you can focus on getting more coins if you need them on from the second run of each stage onward.

  • Exploration

Skullduggery is a really fast paced game where you will often have to go as fast as you can during chase sequences and more. The mistake most gamers do is to go “full throttle” during all of the stage and not just in these sequences, missing a lot of secrets in the process. For this, it’s always best to take the time to fully explore the stages instead of just rushing through them as soon as possible since there are plenty of secrets to find in each stage.

  • Aiming

The slingshot is the only way to move your skull during the game. While aiming and shooting is straightforward enough, there is one thing to keep in mind during the game that will help keeping momentum. When aiming with the slingshot, time slows down but the skull will keep moving so that it’s possible to make multiple shots without loosing speed. This is extremely useful during sequences where players have to move quickly and avoid multiple obstacles one after the other.



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