The skateboarding game Skater, developed by Frosch Media, has been having a really hard time. The game, which has been in the works for some time, has finally been released a couple of weeks ago on the App Store but was soon removed due to some bug that prevented the game from functioning properly.

Now it finally looks like these hard times are at an end. Skater is finally available once again on the App Store, ready to offer its unique gameplay experience to video gamers all over the world.


Skater is a really unique skateboarding game that might be hard to get into. The game focuses on actual skateboarding, meaning that players will have to tap and swipe the right parts of the board to perform tricks. Due to these gameplay features, even doing the most simple of tricks can be a challenge.

While Skater may have a steep learning curve since no other game has eve tried something like this before, once the mechanics have been fully understood, it becomes a really rewarding experience. It’s also possible to show the world how good you have become by recording and sharing your tricks, a neat feature that adds another incentive for mastering the game’s unique controls.

Skater is now available on the App Store. The game can be purchased for both iPhone and iPad for the price of $4.99




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