There are plenty of skateboarding games now available for purchase on the App Store, offering arcade and realistic experiences both, but a game like Gyro Skate can’t really be included in either category due to its unusual features.

This new game, developed by EDO, is a rather unique skateboarding game that allows players to use their actual devices to do skateboarding tricks. As the title suggests, Gyro Skate uses the gyroscopic features of iOS devices to allow players to do tricks by launching their devices in the air, flip them and more. Just make sure to catch your devices after launching them or this little skateboarding game will end up being really damaging for your wallet.


Gyro Skate seems to be the perfect game for those who can never stay still and like to throw their phone in the air for no real reason. Gyro Skate finally gives you a reason to do so with its 32 skateboard tricks and unique gameplay experience.

Gyro Skate is now available for purchase on the App Store for only $1.99. The game isn’t one you will be playing for a long time but it’s definitely a unique experience that some will surely find interesting.




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