Skate City Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Completing All Challenges

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The concrete jungles that were once off limits are now yours! Skate City is the premiere skating experience on the Apple Arcade. With intuitive touch controls, anyone can pick up this game and start skating and doing tricks like it is nothing.

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You will start your skate journey off in the streets of Los Angeles, and make your way across the globe. In our Skate City tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics, all of the tricks both easy and difficult, and the many different challenges to complete. Let’s get started with our Skate City cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to completing all challenges!

Welcome to Skate City!

In Skate City, you can play in either one of two modes: Endless Skate or Challenge. In Endless Skate, you will go down the city streets with no time limits to worry about. You can perform whatever tricks you like, but each city has a set of Endless Skate challenges that you can complete for skate cred.

In Challenge mode, you will tackle specific parts of the city to perform a challenge. These challenges will ask you to perform certain tricks, among other things. These Challenges are great way to get familiar with the trick system in the game.

After you complete the tutorial, we recommend starting off with Endless Skate so that you can get further used to the controls and feel of the game. Once you feel you are ready, go ahead and start doing the challenges.

Get all the stars for skate cred!

Each challenge has three stars for you to complete, with the threshold objectives listed before you start the run. Each star is worth a good amount of skate cred, with the last star having the most. If you manage to complete all of the stars, you will earn lots of cred!

However, do not feel pressured to do so. In order to unlock the next set of challenges, you simply have to get the first star on a challenge and complete it. Getting at least the first start on all three challenges will unlock the next set. You can always come back later once you feel you have improved enough.

List of challenges!

Here, we will go over the general objectives that you will come across in the various challenges.

Callout challenges are probably the easiest challenges to deal with. You must perform specific tricks in a certain order, and the order is shown to you in the middle of the screen. Simply perform each trick as they are displayed and you should have no problem getting all three stars here.

Trick challenges are like the Callout challenges except you must perform the specific tricks in a specific spot of the street. You will see the streets littered with glowing circles and trick info hovering above. You must wait until you are in the circle before performing the trick to earn credit. This one is a little more tricky, but still pretty easy to get all three stars.

Race challenges pit you against another skater to see who can get to the finish line first, but it is not all about speed! In order to get the stars, you need to come in 1st place while also scoring enough points. Not only do you need to go fast, but you need to look stylish while doing so.

One thing you may have noticed are yellow arrows alongside grind spots. If your skater touches these, they will get a nice speed boost. If you are falling behind, try grinding and hitting those boosts.

Score challenges require you to score enough points in order to get the stars. You will need to put together everything you have learned in order to achieve this, as Score challenges are usually some of the hardest challenges.

There are some other mini challenges like evading the police, dodging pedestrians, and they are fun little distractions that are not too challenging to get all the stars on.

Visit the skate shop for upgrades!

On the main menu, you can head into the skate shop to spend your hard earned skate cred. You can purchase new clothes, shoes, and jeans for your skater if you want a fresher look. However, we recommend spending your cred on the upgrades first.

At the bottom menu, tapping on Skills will show you a list of four main skate skills: speed, spin, pop, and balance. Speed allows you to pick up more speed faster, spin makes you rotate faster while performing spins, pop increases your jump height, and balance increases your stability while grinding.

Since it is relatively cheap to upgrade skills, we recommend you upgrade them all the way first, as they will definitely help you out during the challenges. It costs roughly around 2000 skate cred to upgrade a skill to its maximum level.

In addition to that, you can also unlock a plethora of special tricks. Some of these tricks require more complex inputs, but they are worth way more points than your regular tricks are. Start unlocking these after you have maxed out all of your skills!

Use a variety of tricks and do not be stale!

Skate City awards style and creativity! When you are pulling off trips and jumping into the air, try to use different tricks every time. If you use the same trick over and over again in repeated succession, it will begin to “stale,” meaning that it will not be worth as many points as it originally was.

To avoid having a trick go stale, cycle through at least five other tricks before you repeat with a previous trick. Ideally, you want to use every single basic trick you have before you start repeating for the most points, but this is pretty tricky to pull off. Practice this and you will be able to string together multiple inputs like it is second nature!

How to score a lot of points?

Most of the challenges you will be able get by with relative ease once you get more familiar with the tricks and have upgraded your skater, but the challenges that may still prove difficult are the score-based ones.

To score a ton of points in Skate City, you must understand the core mechanic of grind multiplier. Whenever you grind along a surface or perform a manual, a white ring will appear around your score. When it fills up all the way, you will gain a combo multiplier, doubling the amount of points you get at the end of your trick string.

For example, if you ollie onto a rail and grind it out for 1,000 points, filling the combo multiplier will grant you a x2 bonus, ending at a total of 2,000 points.

What if I told you that we could go even further?! While in the middle of a grind or a manual, after your combo multiplier has already go up one, if you input another trick and land back on the rail or manual, you will start building up another ring. Filling up this ring will push your multiplier over to a whopping x3!

Now, to actually explain how to pull this off in-game. The best place to start is to ollie onto a rail, then in middle of it trick to start up another multiplier, or wait until your off and then continue the chain with a manual. Chaining together your combos with manuals when there are no rails around is the key to smooth combos.

Mastering combos will make your three digit trick strings suddenly soar into the four-digit strings, so this is a technique that you need to learn!

That’s all for Skate City! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Skate City Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Completing All Challenges

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