I simply love Sinkers for iOS! This great puzzle game challenged me to break high score after high score and spend hours playing it, trying to get better. And now, with 220 points under my belt, I can share some Sinkers cheats, actually a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get better at the game and crush your previous high score with Thor’s hammer. So let’s get this started with our Sinkers tips and tricks!

1. Use Sinkers with caution
The Sinkers are actually the target shaped things that you can see at the bottom of the play screen and which allow you to swipe down in order to remove those useless pieces on the board. However, they cost real money if you’re in a hurry, so make sure you use them sparingly and only in your big games when you go for a high score. The good thing about the Sinkers, though, is that you can also win them for free while playing the game. I am not exactly sure how to get them, but it seems to have something to do with huge lines.


2. Remove colors from the board
One extremely important thing to have in mind is that when you remove a set of pieces that is bigger than the one you previously removed, that color will no longer appear on the board. This way you can plan your moves and prepare for really huge sets of pieces removed and exactly this is what makes removing just two pieces sometimes a good idea. Have in mind, though, that you can’t reduce the number to less than two colors and as soon as you remove less pieces than the previous set, all colors are back into play. You can see the number of pieces removed in the previous move in the upper right corner.

3. Remove colors from the board
No matter how many pieces to remove, after doing so, all the remaining pieces of the same color on the board disappear. This is also extremely important to have in mind for the big picture and for planning your moves. Sometimes, because of this feature, it’s best to remove a few pieces just to get rid of badly placed pieces on the board or ones that are about to completely sink.

4. Sinkers are the key to victory
My advice would be to get as many Sinkers as possible stacked up (up to 10, because you can’t use more in one run) and make that game your big, high score beating game. The truth is that without sinkers you can’t even hope for a huge score, and in order to get them for free you need to play a lot. Or simply splash the cash and beat the highscore like the PRO you are!

These would be for now my Sinkers tips and tricks for all players out there. Do you have any other strategies that work? Let us know by commenting below. And don’t forget to tell us your best high score so far!



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