Arcade-styled pool is back in Pocket Run Pool, a new take on the classic game from the creators of Really Bad Chess and Flipflop SolitairePocket Run Pool combines the classic billiards game with the pick-up-and-play style of an arcade game.

In Pocket Run Pool, your objective is the usual: sink all of the balls, but there’s a little catch this time around! Each pocket on the table has a score multiplier on it, which multiplies the value of the number on the ball. As you guess, precision shots are the key to getting a high score.

Keep your eyes on the pockets! With each successful ball you pocket, the multipliers will rotate. This can interfere with your plan or create new opportunities, so you’ll always need to think one step ahead to stay in the game.

If you miss a ball or scratch, you’ll lose one of your three lives. Lose all three and that’s it – you’re done! This, combined with the rotating score multipliers leads to a surprisingly intense experience that must be experienced to be believed.

With high score leaderboards, one game probably won’t be enough for you. After getting the taste of a near perfect run, you’ll want to hone your pocket skills. Come on, the table is waiting!

Can you make the perfect Pocket-Run? Give it a go yourself with Pocket Run Pool, now available on the iOS App Store.


  1. Break of the week has become a weekly adventure for this 70 year old buzzard. It seems that the new game layout is sometimes a day behind the reset of the previous games high score. Is this something that happens to everyone or is there something that needs to be done to get the new ball position to updated?

    I have only scored the perfect 800 score twice and really enjoy the challenge it is for me at any rate. Selecting or finding the sequence of sinking the balls is a fun challenge. Often a bank shot or two are required for that good score the addition of spotting diamonds would be helpful.

    Thanks to the developers for a fun weekly update.
    Mikepfc 1949


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