Home Game Guides Simon’s Cat – Pop Time Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Popping

Simon’s Cat – Pop Time Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Popping

Simon’s Cat – Pop Time Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Popping

Simon’s Cat – Pop Time is a cute match three game that’s all about saving cats and feeling great. With beautiful artwork and well designed levels, this is surely a game you’ll want to spend a lot of time playing. And we’re here to make the experience as pleasant as possible by sharing some Simon’s Cat – Pop Time cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

I know that things are pretty much obvious as in any balloon-popping game, but any bit of help can make the difference between winning a level and losing it, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do today: make sure that you indeed have all strategies in mind and that you’re seeing the whole picture.

So, without further ado, let’s check out below some Pop Time tips and tricks for the highly addictive mobile game created by Tactile Games.

Match to remove as much as possible
Matching at the bottom, towards your character, doesn’t really give you many benefits. Instead, you should always look for options to remove chunks as large as possible.

Try to look if there are any rows of same-color bubbles holding a larger chunk of pieces and try to think about a strategy to get there as fast as possible.

If you simply match the easy matches towards your cat, you won’t have a chance to complete all missions and levels. So always look for an easier way out and a method to remove as many bubbles as possible, with as few moves as possible.

Rotate balls
Don’t forget that you have the option to change the ball that you’re shooting! Always keep an eye on the other option that you have and use it if it’s better. Even more, if you have an active booster that allows you to see two other balls, put it to good use! Always shoot the ball that gives you the most per move.

The “Free Gift” Glitch
At the moment of writing this article, there seems to be a small glitch in place in the game – under the “Free Gift” option that appears in game in the upper right corner.

Simply tap that button and click to follow or do whatever they ask you to. You don’t actually have to do the required task, but you will still receive the reward. Of course, following the game’s developers on Social Media is a good way to show respect for their amazing game and get word on future updates – but if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to and you’re still getting rewards!

Fill up helper cats’ meters & combine
In each stage you will have one or two helper cats with you. These cats give you a special move once their meter fills up and you fill up that meter by simply creating matches with their preferred colors (like purple or blue).

If there are two cats, you can wait for a bit longer and combine their powers when their meters are full in order to get a super boosted move.

Know what each of these super moves do and use them as fast as possible – but only if there is indeed a benefit from doing so. But usually, you will easily find a place to take advantage of the boosted shot as soon as the meter fills up and it’s best to use it early in order to have a chance at potentially filling up the meter again and using the power once more.

Complete the daily quests
Each day, the game challenges you to complete a difficult level known as the Daily Quest. If you manage to do it, you get some awesome rewards – so do your best each day to complete this level (especially since you have unlimited retries).

Don’t rush to spend your boosts on these levels – after a few tries, you will most likely be able to complete them with the basic moves. But do take in the offer and watch an ad for some extra moves, as these usually come in handy. And video ads are really fast, so you won’t waste a lot of time anyway.

Risk it for the tricky shots
Mastering the tricky shots is the key to success in Pop Time. Not all shots are a straight line and in most cases, you will have to bounce your shot of the left or right wall.

These shots aren’t the easiest to make and sometimes you will need a surgical precision for the perfect move – but the rewards when making them are great, so always go for these shots in order to quickly complete a level.

Use your boosters and special balls when they make a difference
Boosters and the Rainbow Balls are absolutely amazing and with them activated, you can easily win your levels. However, the problem is that these are very difficult to get and usually require premium currency to get.

So prize them as if they were a really valuable possession and only use them in extremely difficult levels – the ones that you have played over and over again and you know you can’t beat them unless you use one of these boosters. Because the truth is that most levels can indeed be completed without the need to use them. Eventually.

There you have it – these are our Simon’s Cat – Pop Time tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the game and beat all levels easily. If you have some tips of your own that you want to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

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Simon’s Cat – Pop Time Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Popping


  1. I keep getting stuck at the play for keys juncture. Where do we find the key’s or is there a way to bypass? I’m a senior citizen who’s not as quick as I used to be but I LOVE this game!!!

    • Hi there, you would need to play three games to get the keys (as you need three keys to move on). However, you can only play all three games in one go, if you pay with coins. Otherwise, there is a time lapse to wait (maybe about 20 mins at each interval). Good luck!

  2. to get keys you have to wait 4 hours between trying levels. The clock on the play for keys button counts down the time. Alternately you can spend 20 c0ins and open the gate immediately

    • Probably. Had a long conversation with tech help about this. It should pause and start again if you minimise the game but it won’t hold the pause if you close the game and it has a habit of restarting when minimised

    • Are you hitting two bubbles with a third bubble of the same colour. That’s the basic idea of the game. If the bubbles contain a row of Ant’s you need to hit the queen ant and another bubble of the same colour with no ant

  3. Hello
    Its not clear for me how the points are calculated. I make sometimes 2 times the same game, but i dont get the same stars.
    I dont know if its better to use as less ball as possible or to shot individualy all animales, or ??? I have had for example case where i managed to fall down all with few balls but got few points.
    Thanks for help

    • Have a spin around Google. One of the other tip sites explains the scoring system which is a bit arcane. You score more by dropping more bubbles, dropping two lots of same colour consecutively, and freeing critters but the sequence is crucial to really high scores

    • You need to keep the helper cat treats loaded up. Both Kitten (blue cat) and Chloe (pink) can boost the bubble to go thru the stones and chestnuts and hit the butterfly which explodes

  4. I love this game, however I have two niggles which really spoil it for me. The first is the ‘boost’ i always take the option to watch the ad as i cannot afford to spend any money, however
    this option frequently disappears before i have chance to press yes. The second is the water bombs. I know i cannot hit them and always aim away from them but sometimes a bubble will burst even if i havent hit it. So frustrating

    • You can’t hit the bubble next to the water bomb without popping it. Collect the catnip sacks and you will often get umbrella or watch out for bubbles with an umbrella in them that you can release

  5. I am doing the treasure hunt but cannot seem to pass level 8. There are rock balls that I need to bring down in order to get to the creatures… not enough bubbles. How do I bring down the rocks.

  6. Just want to add that hitting a crow(?) as it flies by during game play will give you coins. Haven’t paid attention to the number of coins but a fun little treat.

    • FYI: You can only hit the crow after it is uninstructed-as the bubbles are up the page a little and unable to get a shot – as well, cannot get past the stupid window that will pop up about the kitties… so sometimes the crow flies close to the beginning of the game and cannot be hit!

  7. I am stuck at level 337. I just can’t clear the two angle rows of rocks on the sides. They have a spore behind them and I can’t find a way to clear it out so the rocks drop.

  8. I don’t understand the tickets you earn in the daily challenge. There doesn’t seem to be anything you can use them for, but seem to be really “valuable”.

  9. What’s the purpose of hitting the crow flying by? Hit it and your score either goes up or down. But how do you tell which crow to hit or what color to use?

  10. I get above the 500 level and suddenly it appears like a new install and starts all over. This is the third time this has happened. What gives? I do not use facebook.

  11. I’m at level 213 but am trying to earn more things at the Treasure Hunt. There are 10 levels. The first 9 are easy, only took 3 tries to master some. I’ve been stuck on Level 10 since yesterday and there are only 3 minutes left. Any clues?

  12. Finished all levels— 1470. Says there’s more coming soon but haven’t seen any yet. Still have questions about scoring points. Btw — shooting the eagle resets the multiplier.


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