SimCity BuildIt Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Ultimate City


EA has just launched an iPhone and iPad version of their popular SimCity under the name of SimCity BuildIt – a freemium approach to the popular city building sim and a game that’s not at all as terrible as you might be tempted to think.

But we’re not here to praise the game – even though we do have some reasons – and instead we’re going to share with you some SimCity BuildIt cheats and tips to help you build the city of your dreams fast and without going mad.

Although the complexity of the classic SimCity games is not here, we do have some goodies and challenges to complete, so read on to know everything in our strategy guide filled with SimCity Build It tips and cheats.

1. Always keep the buildings working
No matter if we’re talking about factories or stores, you should keep them all producing at all times. The factories produce the main goods, normally, while the more advanced buildings turn them into rarer materials and help you upgrade your residences to improve your city.

It’s vital to keep them working at all times to be ready for quick deals or upgrades that are required to your residences.

2. Keep an eye on the service requirements
You have a virtually unlimited number of residences that you can build as long as you have the materials – and they are easy to get – but in order for your city to really thrive, you need to provide your newly built houses with services.

Keep an eye on the service demands by tapping any Service in the build menu (like Power), and then browse in the upper menu through the icons and see the requirements for each type of service. You always want your capacity to be equal or higher than the demand for your Sims to be happy.

3. Look out for deals
Look for the coins icon that randomly appears above some of your buildings and tap it – you will be offered different types of deals, requiring different items for you and paying you with gold (Simoleons).

Since getting more Simoleons is really difficult in this game, I would suggest to take all the deals that are offered to you because the materials will be build back in time.

4. How to get upgrade materials
Some of your buildings can be upgraded – like the City Storage, an extremely important helpful part of your city.

In order to get the materials you need, you should keep an eye on your residences and tap the icons that appear above them – a bubble will appear, telling you if they are happy or sad about something.

You have to tap that bubble too and you have a chance of getting a special item required for upgrading.

5. Plan your city early on
It’s true that you can move buildings around and change things as you please, but a bit of planning doesn’t hurt.

Personally, I would suggest creating an industrial area and residential area and keep them far away from each other: the industrial area will be dirty and unpleasant to live in, so make sure that you always have a plan and don’t mix the residential buildings with the ones that pollute the air.

6. Spend your Sim Cash wisely
The first Sim Cash investment that I made was in an extra spot for the Building Supplies Store (just 4 Sim Cash) and it was a really smart move that I recommend to you too.

You don’t really need to spend Sim Cash to hurry production anywhere, so focus on increasing the capacity of your Stores instead because the items produced there take the longest to make and are extremely valuable.

7. Your main goal is to expand your population
Success in SimCity BuildIt is measured in the number of population your city has and many cool things get unlocked when you get more. So make it your main goal to increase your city’s population as much as possible by building new residences and upgrading them.

Provide services to your people, build parks to keep them happy and your city will be perfect. And don’t forget that the happier your Sims are, the more coins you will collect per day from the City Hall!

In the end, you should keep an eye on all stats – and the more you develop your city, the more services you’ll have to consider, be patient and wait for all the materials to be ready and you will have a bustling city that everybody will envy. So keep on working on it and never give up!

Do you have other SimCity Build It tips and tricks? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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SimCity BuildIt Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Ultimate City


  1. The best tip I can give is be patient. If that means waiting a day or two to earn some coins from taxes wait. Why? Because as you progress your citizens realize they want better services and that costs coins a lot. This is where EA makes their money. If you upgrade to the next level and have little coin your city will be in shambles and it will make it even harder to progress.

    • Indeed, good point! I eventually found out myself that you have to halt progress and gather coins to be able to sustain the growing city. Eventually do this after you unlock the trade option, and keep selling your expansion materials for the extra coins.

    • This is right regarding having cash in hand before you again a level. Water and electricity are need at the beginning of the game. As you progress in level, your sims will start asking for sewage, waste mgmt, fire protection, police station. At level 17th, sims will hit your with health clinic. At level 17, you probably have a decent size city. I spent about 60k to cover my city.

      • check to see the range of prices af your trading post for a item before blindly accepting or rejecting a popup coin offer. OfteN the OFFER IS BELOW MARKET VALUE. THE VALUE RANGE OF ANY INSTOCK ITEM CAN BE CHECKED BY PUTTING IT IN THE FOR SALE CHOICE BOX WITHOUT CLICKING FOR SALE, AND RAISING OR LOWRRING THE PRICE. thedefault pricesc seem to be averages, and some players buy at that price and resell for the maximum, though it takes longer for a high end price to be accepted, it may be worth it to nver accspt a poup offer for ifemd that take more than an hour in total resources tp replace.

    • I’m trying method of building 4 houses, destroying them and rebuilding them but I’m only getting $19 per upgrade.

      Any ideas as to why?


      • You forget that with that method you still get all the XP that never goes away, even when you destroy your residences, when you reach a level where your service demand is higher, than what you can offer, your citizens happiness will decrease, and with it your income on taxes. The first upgrades don’t give much upgrade income at all and your lose all your invested materials. which is often more worth than what you can earn in the upgrade. The only true solution I learned is to build 3 houses at a time, and build them to the max, but so that they still enjoy all the services you can provide, (parks, water, sewage, fire, police, public transport, education) wait till you have enough to buy more services and keep on producing. If you also want a fast trade and relative high profit, sell everything you make just below max value (example 5 wood for 98 instead of 100)

    • Or you could buy stuff from Daniels city (the one friend you all make) and then sell it for the most sims in the market. Also for anyone that doesn’t know hold down the plus on the right of the sim price you are selling it for and it goes to full price without having to keep clicking it.

    • yeah that works very well, you can have a very large population without having lots of residences.. and you can much easier keep them happy, which boosts your taxes :)

  2. Lol above are tips but take FOREVER. I Make 80,000 an hour. Here’s how… build nothing iron and iron nails. Make only about 7 total residences and level them up twice then destroy. The game will only ask for the iron stuff and you make 800 each build and upgrade.

    • Hey There,

      thanks for the tips, this works great, although I seem to have stumbled upon a better way to do this.

      – Build a maximum of 6 houses
      – build a maximum of 5 factories
      – only build the house (no upgrades) and then destroy it
      – Each time you have 5 houses built you will be able to build a new one.

      The initial build on the houses will only cost 2 iron (no nails required) and get you around 700 simoleans each time. Keep repeating until you think you have enough money. Been doing this for around an hour and was able to general almost 200,000 simoleans.

      Thanks for the initial idea.

      • Agreed, this works and you earn $ much quicker. To add to this, I did the math on everything in the game. If you don’t want to struggle, you must earn a whopping $1,373,000 to buy everything but the Vu Tower (another $90k). This figure includes

        2 recycling centers $120k
        4 deluxe wind power plants $60k
        2 wind power plants $12k
        2 basic water towers $12k
        2 water pumping stations $90k
        2 deluxe sewage $70k
        2 deluxe fire st. $85k
        2 police precinct s $145k
        2 hospitals $130k
        10 reflecting pool parks $60k
        Dept. Of Ed $40
        Dept. Of Trans. $40k
        Entertainment HQ $60k
        Gambling HQ $70k
        Dept. Of Culture $80k
        Road construction $100k (will get you most of what you need when you have skyscrapers)
        8 4x mass production factory $56k
        Hardware store $3k
        Farmers market $5k
        Furniture Store $8k
        Gardening $13k
        Donut $17k
        Fashion $22
        Fast food $25k and
        Home supplies $30k.

        So, at $700-800 a pop with 7 homes, you’ll be there a while! I saved up about $250,000 and did okay. But, looking back I wished I had saved at least another $100,000.

        • Yeah this is the way to go it lvls you up to open all the other services and gives you lots of coin. My only advice would be stock pile as many nails as you can.

        • I have 2 cities, one on itunes and one on android. The android I have built from scratch and am doing ok, just had to be patient. Now over 300k people but always under 100k cash.

          My other city I am doing the steel method. I have saved $800k so far and plan to hit $1M before I start buying. Thanks for the estimate by the way. Here is the method:

          Destroy all residentials and setup foundations for 2. One will require nails and one will require steel. Upgrade the steel one. Then BEFORE it finishes, go into the residential screen and place a new foundation. BEFORE leaving residential screen, bulldoze the NEW one that you built with steel. Return to the main screen and you will have 2 foundations again, one requiring steel and one requiring nails. Keep ignoring the nails and keep upgrading the steel. You can upgrade maybe 5 per minute for $3.5k. After half hour, you’ve made $100k. I occasionally will upgrade (up to 5 houses) completely just to get some bonus junk (expansion, etc). By the way, I had a small city and destroyed it, so I had already unlocked global trade and ship port. So I’m able to buy/sell to expand and am able to earn keys. Basically I will have all the expensive stuff set to go when I actually start the city. My goal is population of 1 million.

          • How are you getting $700 per house? I demolished all of my residences to try this, but I’m only getting between $1 and $19 per house. Any help?

      • At the very beginning (forced tutorial) you have no choice but to USE one set of nails to upgrade a house. It doesn’t allow you to bypass that from what I’ve tried. Because of that, I need nails for some of the initial builds. How do I avoid this and only need the iron??

        • You need to get your residential situation as follows:

          Have one residential zone that requires nails, but do not build this residential zone, just leave it alone wanting the nails.

          then build another residential zone, it will only require iron bars. give it the iron bars, once built, demolish it. Repeat the process, build another residential zone and it will only want iron bars. Just keep this going, and only have a max of three properties(one wanting nails, one you upgraded with bars and then demolished, and one that just wants iron bars), i detailed this in a post below.

      • Hey I have tried this, but it is only rewarding me literally around 12 simoleons per upgrade. It gives me nothing just initially building the house. I literally went and bulldozed my whole city after reading this and now I am trying it with no success?

    • you keep on forgetting that you still level up each time you build, and the amount of level up you go, will not go less when you destroy, making it more difficult in the long run… building a city costs time and patience… if you also would lose the experience you created with building… in destroying then yes … awesome method.. but no. dont like it…

  3. yep It’s True just bulldoze every home and make sure you have Iron nails and some wood in stock and rebuild your city keep repait that time after time and your money goes up very fast

    • I still dont get it. Can anyone give me details pls. Coz when i bulldoze all 6 houses, when i wanna rebuild back, 2 or 3 houses need iron nails and this take too much time. How u guys can get 200k simoleon in 1 hour lol?

  4. I just tried to bulldoze my residential building and rebuild as recommended above, but the game won’t generate any more residential zones. So my population went down for no reason

  5. It looks like that the initial build of houses is dependant on your level/population… If I rebuild a house now (Level 12/43000) I need 1 chair and 2 hamer. It’s not that easy only with 2 iron

    • Its dependent on the number of resident homes and the amount of residential upgrades, not the level/population. Reason I know this is due to testing; I’m level 28 and 100% sure the level has no influence. I made about 20 homes all no upgrades, so the population was around under 20,000 and the needed resources were extremely hard to get. I believe that the items required are heavily influenced on the number of homes owned, in other words if you wish to increase your population, upgrade 1-3 buildings to maximum before making any other homes.

  6. Alternatively, if you are far along in the game, destroy 1 residence in your well developed part of town. I chose the one in the center of the southern border of all my maxed out buildings. Just under my fire department and police department. Bear in mind, if you have 2 new residences placed that you have not finished (makes the trailers instead of an empty plot of land as unfinished residential zones don’t count as residences) you cannot build anymore zones until they are finished. If they’re in a part of town that will lower your tax rate, just demolish it and use a house you know will be 100% happy right away. Then you can build a new house. Upgrade that one to max so you can stockpile materials and nails and planks and hammers so you can make rarer materials faster. Takes very short time to max out a residence, then destroy it and start over. Im saving for schools and busses now and to be honest this is the only way.

  7. wazyndo, if you don’t like the game then just leave others alone… Any cheats are allowed here, this is what this website is about. If you comment on this page again, I will mute you for 2 days, if you restart again, you can’t come back on the website since you will be banned.

        • This is not a cheat it is an exploit and there is nothing wrong with spending time gaining the coin you need before you start to make your town huge.

          I have been doing this a couple times a day, not spending too much time on the game and I have made about 400,000 with just 3 buildings. If you have one site in queue that needs nails you can leave that one be and just go back and forth making and bulldozing the other two and it only takes iron.

          I will make about 80-100k an hour doing it this way. Just to add some help while you are doing this you can get all your government buildings in place before you decided to boom your town. It would be a good idea to get the cargo ship so you can earn some keys for other building.

          Hope this helps

  8. Any idea why my stuffi In trade center goes through long periods where nothing sells? Tried deleting some items and selling different items. But seems like game locks me out of marketplace even though all are advertised and many priced under game preset value. Is there a way to trigger it?

  9. Yes I do agree the trade system has tons of bugs. However dont delete the items that aren’t being bought. After while 1-2 days the game will buy the item.

    • Whats the new system you mentioned? Im on my third city but want to build my bank before I build the city up. Is it the build up a few residences to max before moving on process?

  10. Hi,

    Can anyone help me with a problem I’m having suddenly. I have enough water capacity and all of a sudden today I have lots of abbandond buildings demanding water. The blue line disconnects to lots of buildings and I don;t know why


  11. I wanted to clarify how to make easy simoleans…

    I had to start the game over from scratch to get it to work. Build 1 coal power plant and 1 water tower. Like was mentioned above build no more than 6 housing plots and 5 factories. Ignore all the other things your sims are asking for. Keep your storage full of iron and have your hardware store constantly making nails. As long as you don’t build anything else it won’t ask for other materials. build houses then bulldoze them immediately. DO NOT UPGRADE PAST just BUILDING IT! THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT!

    I am level 16 and have around 450,000 coins without spending any real money. I will keep this going and report back.

    • I wanted to try this method, but already have a few shops and government buildings. Is it possible to earn the coins with those buildings? I seem to be only getting between 1 and 19 coins per building

  12. I am not using any of the above cheats.

    Initial start, I use the to expand the number of slots i can produce for my hardware store, Farmer’s market….. this will increase the resources i can produce when I’m not longer playing (e.g sleeping, work)

    Build always build around 3-4 residences together. Upgrade all the residences to the max before building another cluster of 3-4 residences.

    Look out for deals, as there are some really good ones out there. If a deal is very good e.g 9 chairs for $4500. I will forgo building resources for cargo ship and focus on the deal first. Thereafter will continue with the cargo requests.

    Expand your storage buildings as much as possible. I am at storage capacity of 150 right now.

    Build finished products, e.g chairs, tables, cream, water melon and sell them when qty reaches about 5. The price I set is to the max. There will always be people who will buy them. However, sometimes, it takes 2-3 days before anyone buys it. So do take note.

    Build Power, Water, Sewage, Waste Management to be in excess of how much residences it can handle. E.g Water – Capacity is 108, Demand is 82, I can still continue to build more residences. Once the differences between Capacity and Demand reaches 10, I will build More E.g Basic Water Tower to increase the capacity.

    Build parks e.g Sculpture Garden when it can have a 30% Population Boost. More Population = more tax money collected daily. The essence is to increase more residences.

    Build Entertainment, Gambling….as it can also boost Population.

    Buy low and sell high in Global Trade HQ. E.g i can find people selling Storage Cameras for $487, i will buy, cause I know I can sell it max for $650, which I earn $163 per trade. Usually I employ buy low sell high for Storage locks, storage cameras, storage bars, Dozer wheels….

    I hope my “tips” can be of help

    • Not sure how to edit my post:

      Initial start, I use the to expand the number of slots i can produce for my hardware store,

      It should be;

      Initial start, I use the “cash” to expand the number of slots i can produce for my hardware store….

  13. The way to make the most money in this game is as follows:

    To start, you need to build a few residential zones, and what you are aiming for is to get a residential zone that requires one set of nails in order to build the first upgrade. Don’t actually upgrade(dont give it what it wants) and leave it requesting one set of nails forever. With this property being left alone, it will allow you to build one more residential zone, and to upgrade that property it will just want iron bars. Upgrade that second property with the iron bars. Upon upgrading with the iron bars, it will allow you to build a third residential zone. Upon building the third residential zone, bulldoze the second one you built and upgraded with the iron bars. Next upgrade the third residential you built, as it will also only require iron bars. Upon upgrading this one, it will allow you to build another residential zone. Once you build the next one, demolish the previous, then upgrade, build another, then demolish the upgraded one, and just keep repeating these steps. As long as you keep the one property which requires the nails, you will only have to supply iron bars to upgrade the other properties you keep building and demolishing. The number of factories you have doesn’t seem to affect this method, as at the moment i have 7 factories each producing 2 bars at a time, but only have the 3 residential properties at any one time. If you build more residential zones than i describe above, then it will require nails sometimes, which kills your time frame to make money. I have timed myself using the method above and i make around 4200 simoleons per minute(250,000 per hour). Looking over the monetary requirements for what will be needed to get you going in this game, you will most likely want to bank around a million (about 4 hours worth of grinding away at build and demolish). You will want to bank quite a bit because the bigger buildings like police and fire get pricey, and you will need a bunch of them as you go. Also as you use this method above, if you see the little symbols above the properties, click them before you demolise, as they will give you the special items sometimes, and you can build up your inventory as youjust grind away. Also sell Iron bars if you get the prompts to do so as its like free money and you can produce them faster than you can build with them. Good Luck and hope this clarifies some of the posts above.

    • I have just re-started this game having read your post but I can’t seem to move forward until I upgrade with nails. I have so far built 2 properties and of the two I can only upgrade the one with nails! Do I have to wait for a while for a new residential zone to become active?
      Any help would be appreciated,
      Cheers rich

      • If you are referring to the short tutorial that it forces you to do, you do indeed have to use the nails on that first property to upgrade, then build another residential zone when you can, and demolish the one you upgraded. You just need to get to that spot where you can get one requiring nails that you can then leave alone, then going forward you shouldn’t need nails to do the upgrade demolish method I spoke about above.

    • Hello, First of all thanks for this great trick! I managed to make me some money by using that trick.

      I build the home and then it asked me to upgrade it by using nails. I did not upgrade that home. So I build another home, wich I upgraded by using iron. Then I build another home and demolished the one I upgraded with Iron. Then of course I upgraded the house wich required only iron. At some point I had 3 homes, all of 3 required nails to upgrade them…
      So now I can’t continue the trick anymore.

      Is there something I did wrong? Because I’m willing to reset the game and continue your trick if I did something wrong.

      I hope you can leave me a reply. Thank you very much! Best Regards, Rowan

  14. so, what I’m reading here is I need to start from scratch in order to get ahead? If so, how do I do that? Sineone mentioned that they have more than one city. How do you do that?

      • i have 150.000 people. i did bulldozed all my residential buildings. it works, only iron to build, and then bulldoze again. it’s good, because i need a lot of cash at this point. thanks guys for sharing. thanks kevbar

  15. The building and demolishing doesn’t work all the time. Most times they require upgrades with nails instead of just metal. I’ve restarted the game over and over again but it does ask for nails from time to time. Anyone encountered this?

    • You need to leave one property asking for nails. With one property asking for the nails, you can then build a residential zone which will only need iron bars. upgrade with the iron bars, then demolish, then build residential, upgrade will just need iron bars, then demolish, repeat repeat repeat.

    • Hello Jen! I encountered the same problem even after following some tips here. So I found another way, I only build 3 residential lots. I do not upgrade, just build. This method will only give you 142 simoleons. Repeat again and again and this will give you 17k in approx 1 hour. It’s not much. I only build the 4th-6th residential lots when I have nails and wood in the inventory.

      Hope this helps!

  16. Yes. But try to place the house on exactly the same spot where it ask for iron. You will need only iron. I have 4 houses. I build and bulldoze the fifth. Always on the same spot.

  17. I tried doing this. First house zone placed and it asked for nails. I left it alone. I place the second house zone and it asked for nails. Third house zone even asked for nails. Then I am amx out on house zone. Once I give one of them nails(darn the 5 mins wait) then it allows me to place another house zone which again asks for nails. Am I doing something wrong or the timing between upgrading and demolishing. I restarted by 150k population that I spent weeks slowly building and its gone. Can anyone please help

  18. I have a cheat; if you shake your iPod or iPhone (Only iPod or iPhone) the a cheat code mode will appear and type in ‘I am weak’ and it will reduce all buildings and parks or whatever to $0. Share this with friends and try, remember tho, it only works on iPod and iPhone. Thanks!

    • Trick for rebuilding after disasters and grinding keys quickly. Run a disaster, With all the buildings destroyed they pop up with plans, usually one will have a plan you already have materials for or are close to having, leave this building alone, request new plans from the buildings asking for ridiculously long timed items or things you don’t have. Next click on the building that has plans still, the one with a hard hat, when the pop up window comes up you can scroll left and right and get a sneak peak at the rebuild plans you just requested, if you have the materials the game will allow you to build at that point. Note that you have to keep the one building with the hard hat around waiting and use its menu to scroll left or right into the others, clicking on any other building will pop up with the usual wait time for the new plans. If you keep requested plans youll get some you can do and can rebuild everything very quickly netting you keys. Hope this helps!

  19. The iron method is boring I will agree but if you build your town big enough you can open up the Doc and do disaster quests for more keys and get a lot unlocked. I have made over 150 keys doing the iron method and shipments with disaster quests. It gets very boring I have made over 1.5 mil gold and made my town huge twice. But I want to stock pile a good mil before I make it again. My biggest upset in this game is the trade market it sucks big time. I would also suggest to upgrade all your roads to 6 lane before you build your town up to how you want it or your Sims will be all bi**hy and you won’t have the cash to do it. Stock pile parks as well it helps.

  20. When you press and hold on a residential building you get three bit of info with the second saying “Ready for Upgrade” and a number. What does that number mean?

    • This is a status report on your entire stock. That means that there are currently X ready to be developed further and below it Y where the people have moved to for whatever reason. Find it and sort it!

  21. I began by just trying to build as fast as possible and level up. Increasingly I had to struggle to meet the growing demands of citizens. So I tried to grow out of the problem. A spiral of having to upgrade services like water power fire police etc rather than my grand plans. Finally at level 17 and about 60,000 people I gave up and demolished every residence. I was left with great infrastructure, which I took time to move around ( free) then build more slowly and maxed out buildings before starting another. Incidentally spending a few green ones to expand stores is v worthwhile. But none of my buildings are the towering skyscrapers I used to have. Why?

  22. I am currently on stage 32 with population of over 200,000 and over 98% happy, thus I mostly collect a big chunk in taxes. However there are only a couple of nice looking skyscrapers (sort of like Empire state building), others look like regular building. Also the nice ones were upgraded early on, but in later stages as the city expanded and built more hoses, they seem to be upgraded to regular buildings.
    Is there any way to select which building to upgrade? so that I keep only ones and bulldoze others or upgrade others also to nice looking ones.
    Also in later stages, it requires more and more time consuming materials to upgrade and becomes boring if the finished building is a regular looking one.
    When I visited someone else’s city while buying items, I noticed that they had only few really tall skyscrapers. So that way they minimize the area and require less utility services (fire station, police, hospital…), so this seems possible. (assuming that those are real players city and not EA demo teaser!!)
    Any ideas how to upgrade to big skyscrapers? Should I bulldoze unwanted buildings, but that would mean less sims and less taxes?

  23. As of today (mar 3), the above hacks of building one house and wanting nails and destroying another no longer work as sim city has reduced the amount of money earned with their update!! I’d love to know if anyone finds any other work arounds!

    • I really need to read through everything before I demolish everything and lose around 40k residents, had a couple of skyscrapers too, tried the above mentioned method and was only getting about 12 gold per house built. Then I saw your post >.<

      • Maybe EA made some changes after the iron hack was made public months ago. For skyscrapers you need one specialization service (education/transport) beside regular services. If you build in an area with both services the building will upgrade into a premium one (skyscraper). In order to verify if you build in the right spot tap on the building, then the helmet icon and check the colour. I wonder if the logic in the iron hack still works like this: if one building requires spices and you leave it alone, would the next building require the same materials, or others much quicker to make?

    • I destroyed everything… they have to edit this dock and say it doesn’t work. surely you cannot be expected to read all the comments FIRST, especially with a YT video backing it up.

  24. Hi, I destroyed all my residential plots and trying to do the steel method I order to generate money.. But when I build it just gives me 10-15 simeleons instead of 700-800 why is that?

  25. What is up with the global trade HQ?
    Now it resets my game every time I click on it!
    I was having pretty good luck finding the things that I needed for upgrades by simply clicking randomly but now since EA in their infinite wisdom has put a reset timer on it, it seems to kick me out after a few clicks!

  26. LOL JUST MY LUCK. I demolished all my building and lost 90k population and now the back doesn’t work. Hahaha lesson learnt, always read till the end

  27. Can I have 2 cities and how do you do it? Thanks. Also I noticed that after they upgraded it some cities have a tall ” time square” building but I can’t find it on my. Ant advice

  28. Don’t be in a hurry to level up. I started the game over to find out this trick. After I reached level 11, I stayed there for weeks. Buying and sell in the Global Trade market is paramount if you have the time to play. I’ll admit I play too much, but do stretch out my time throughout the day. Keep u with the cargo ship too, I try for 2 ships per day if I can manage 3 I do it (my wife helps with that from time to time). Don’t ignore the coin challenges too, they bring in a lot of money, especially if you keep and play the ones for the base materials.

    When I’m making items for the cargo ship, if nothing in the Building Supplies store is needed, for instance, I’m making bricks, only 20 min for $190 profit. And for God’s sake stop selling metal and wood in the Trade Depot, and never spend dollars on buying more boxes. I sell in 4 of the boxes at a time and because I sell most of my items under full price I rarely have any left within the 5 minutes given to sell. If you concentrate on selling manufactured items and unwanted land and storage capacities items you’ll make a lot more money.

    Spend those dollars and increase the number of production spaces. Then you can start things cooking, and walk away from the game. Right now I have 5 spaces for my Farmers Market, Gardening Supplies and Furniture stores and 7 spaces for my Hardware and Building Supplies stores. The more you start manufacturing, the longer you can walk away from the game.

    While I was playing at level eleven I increased my storage capacity to 160 plus, I also upped my keys and bought all of the education buildings before moving on. It was difficult, but not impossible, I hung in there and before advancing to level twelve I opened ALL of the land expansions areas. After building up my supply of simoleons to over $250,000 I finally moved on to level 12 and hovered there for awhile

    I now am at level 13, have all land expansion areas, have a storage capacity of 200 (as of yesterday), have my city set to expand as I advance in the game and I have $740,000 plus have 81 keys (I’ve collected more than 150 keys, yes I know, this guy spends WAY to much time on this game), but I have been playing for 7 weeks now. It’s worked for me and has been fun. I find fun in buying and selling and looking at other people cities. I try to be fair when selling, I only buy storage capacity items for under $600 and sell at $600, and the land expansions I sell for $750 (except buckets I sell them at full price, sorry). These are not all of my secrets, but hey I can’t disclose them all.

  29. When i add a park to an area, ive discovered that the land goes up in value. My buildings turn to blue.
    When a building catches fire because its in the red zone- I just move the building closer to the fire station and the building clears up. And the Simoleans are happy.

  30. The key to success in this game is simple. Buy what you need sell what you don’t. The goal in the game is to build a kick ass city to its fullest because in the end that’s what you need the money for ,Right? So build your city but when putting in police stations and all the needed services look at the area they cover more as building sectors so you know whats is protected and what is not. (Never ignore the !) If the building cant be protected simply don’t build it. So upgrade what you have until you cant upgrade anymore and add another sector and repeat the process. To do this build up 20 to 30 thousand Simoleons and shop on the global trade market to get the resources necessary to upgrade buildings. This should grow that 20 to 30 thousand Simoleons and build your city at the same time. While doing this it is very important to keep your factories and stores operational and pumping out resources. I’ve found it’s economically more efficient to sell doughnuts and nails and tune the factories to supply the needed resources. On the side I produced shovels,tree saplings, flour bag (doughnuts) and I typically ignore the furniture store statistically there’s not enough gain and would interfere with driving profit. The key is to build your city one piece at a time while using the global trade network to build assets and grow your city. Also to make sure you never run into growing (!) or problems try to invest in your city meaning upgrade roads before they need to be and keep the things they need provided well ahead to avoid any (!) or future problems.

  31. How and where to save the current status of the game? Does Simcity sync with iCloud? I don’t see Simcity listed under iCloud Storage where as other games are there.
    I want to do a clean install of iOS and would like to reinstall Simcity again but restore the current status.
    Has anyone done this?

  32. @ mil…. Yes it does save to the cloud and yes you can get your city back but you will have to get past the intro help bit first then it should give the option to carry on with your new city or get your old one back….

    And remember guys n gals the refresh button on the residents buildings works a treat, it helps me both make money on all the expensive upgrade items while managing to build my city at a steady rate & hamburgers are worth 3k a pop but do take alot of time investing…,

  33. If you don’t have the resources to expand into a new area you can build 2 or 3 building plots. Upgrade them to the first level and get around 1000 sim coins each . Then immediately bulldoze it and start again.
    This way you make cash without having to use valuable land until you expand.

  34. So, when traveling to other cities to purchase items, you’ll notice that there is sometimes a blue opinion bubble hidden in the city which, when popped, will get you an item (sometimes a very valuable one). It is a great way to find rare or valuable items, but can be a pain looking around all those cities for the bubbles to pop.

    Recently I noticed that if you watch very carefully when you first arrive to the city (during the animation of zooming into the marketplace) you can tell if there will be a bubble in that city to pop or not. If, during the zoom in sequence, there is a very slight hiccup, that indicates that a bubble just loaded into the city. If it is a smooth transition during the animation, there will be no bubble to pop, so don’t bother looking around.

  35. In the higher levels, before you go to bed, only produce all the the materials that take a long time. When you wake up they will all be done.

  36. For example build the cargo docks and the last population is a very pricey park then once the cargo docks are finished destroy the park and get some money back

  37. With the latest update… Im currently at lvl 15 with a population of 65k and with 5k coins.. I already have the cargo, the building supplies store, hardware store, farmer’s market and the store which makes chairs etc. is it okay to try the iron method with my progress?? If i bulldoze all the residences and to build again, will it only require nails or iron or more complex items since i reached already so far in the game?

    Hoping for a reply

  38. This game is huge test of patience :)
    I have one advice… if you have coins and you can upgrade to next level… just wait and check what unlocks on next level in necessities tab i.e. fire, power, health, waste…. if you can keep track of that you’ll do well… e.g. now I am at level 15 and I know if I moved to next level I’ll have to have coins for health clinics coz they unlock… so I’ll only build more residentials until I have enough that I can build clinics… otherwise I am gonna suffer… and that part gets super annoying with less taxes coming and more and more red pop ups.. :/

  39. I’m a fan of the game, and to all whom are suffering from expensive roads upgrades, you can manage the traffic of the roads by changing the orientation of the building on the same street. Just observe where is the entry point of the building then flip it to the other side/road. This will help to distribute the traffic load on the streets. Keep in mind that the shops and services (clinic, police, fire stations) are the busiest, so if you orient them wisely, you will reduce significantly the cost of roads upgrades.

    Hope my input help.


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