Silly Sausage is a simple yet challenging swipe game. Help Silly Sausage the dachshund travel through Meat Land! Avoid hazardous obstacles and stretch your way to the end! Like most other one touch games, Silly Sausage is deceptively difficult. We’ll help you through Meat Land with our Silly Sausage cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t use your gems right away!

By default, you will respawn at the very beginning of the course when you run into a hazard. There are dog houses littered along the path, and if you stop at one you can either watch an advertisement, usually ranging from 15-30 seconds long, or pay a certain amount of gems to set your checkpoint there. From there on, if you die, you’ll respawn at the dog house. If you’re just going to watch an advertisement for each checkpoint, then you can go ahead and ignore this tip. However, if you’re going to spend some gems, don’t use them right away at every new checkpoint. Try to see what’s ahead. For example, if there’s a tricky section, there’s usually a dog house right after it. Those are good places to spend your gems.

2. Be careful of pipes!

Silly Sausage tends to be rather devious with its unassuming green pipes. Be careful when you’re going into one, because most of the time you won’t be coming out of the other end like you’d expect. For example, look at the featured picture. Three pipes, and one of them leads right into a wall of spikes. If you take the bottom left pipe, you’ll come out of the top right pipe, slamming straight into the spikes. To get the key, you need to take the bottom right pipe, which leads you to the top left pipe. Confusing, huh? Be careful as there are parts like this later on!

3. Watch your body!

Remember that when you’re still in motion, you’re stretching your elastic body. If your body is in the way of moving hazards, you’re going to get hit eventually! Try to work your way around hazards so that you don’t leave your body vulnerable. Or, try to land on a platform so that Silly Sausage retracts his body automatically. You’re safe when you’ve landed, as your body is not vulnerable when it’s retracting, so don’t worry!

4. Examine the environment!

As your progress, the game will add more gimmicks to the course. For example, around the 10th dog house you’ll start seeing gates and green switches. All of the green switches must be held down in order for the gate to open, which means you need to have your body over the switch. Simple enough, right? It gets trickier later on though as the game will start to throw in moving hazards, so timing is important. Before you leave a safe platform, be sure to check around and see what the best course of action is! Remember that you can go backwards at anytime by swiping in the opposite direction you’re currently moving in.

5. Take your time!

In Silly Sausage, there is no form of timer. It’s just you, silly sausage, and all the deadly obstacles that stand in your way. With that said, patience is the name of the game. In conjunction with tip 4, just take your time. Look around, plan your route, and be sure to time your movement well. Hastiness can lead to a quick death, and depending on how liberal you were with your gems, you might be set back quite a bit. Take your time, there’s no need to rush!

We’re still working on getting through the rest of the course, so feel free to comment if you have any tips you’d like to share!


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