Join a war of gigantic proportions in Siege: Titan Wars! Titan Wars is a tower defense/real-time strategy game much like Clash Royale. Our Siege: Titan Wars cheats and tips will help you hone your battlefield skills. Like the other games in this genre, timing and unit choice is everything so it’s time to prepare for battle!

As per the norm you’ll be going up against real players in the normal matches, so you have to give it your all! Let’s get started with our Siege: Titan Wars cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Fight alongside your Titan!

Titans are super powerful units that can pave the way for the rest of your army. Just be careful not to overestimate their sturdiness! Titans can and will go down quickly if they’re not supported. They have a lot of health (varies from Titan to Titan) but that doesn’t mean they should go in solo.

Deploy a bunch of units and then let them move up to where you want to hit the hardest. Once your team has reached that point, deploy your Titan to let it lead the charge. With correct timing you’ll be able to take down with a sizable army led by a Titan!

Utilize the Phantom!

The Phantom is one of the Titans you get during the tutorial, but it turned out to be one of the most effective units we’ve seen so far. The Phantom has less health than the Orc Thrasher, but it deals just as much damage plus bonus damage against structures and castles.

The best part about the Phantom however is its special passive ability; when the Phantom loses all of its health, it doesn’t die right away. The Phantom will retreat into its tomb, which has its own separate health bar.

The Phantom will resurrect back to full health after a couple of seconds if the tomb isn’t destroyed in time. This is incredibly powerful because in this game you can’t reliably focus fire on an individual target.

Going off of our first tip – this is why it’s so important to send in your Titan with a big group of units.

The more units you have fighting with your Phantom, the less chance of its tomb being targeted. With proper unit deployment timing, you’ll be able to keep a Phantom for the whole game.

With all that said however, you should know to prioritize the Phantom if you see your opponent using one. To wipe it out completely you’ll need to prep accordingly. If your opponent sends in the Phantom alongside a group of units, try to wipe them out first before you take down the Phantom.

Area target spells like Fireball are great for this. Taking out the units first means that when the Phantom DOES go down, its tomb will be completely vulnerable.

Use Titan-effective units!

Most players build their deck strategies around their Titan of choice, and because of this it’s wise to always have a way to deal with Titans in your deck.

For example, one of the starting units you get are the Werewolves. These guys are quick melee attackers with a good amount of health, and they deal bonus damage against Titans. Unleashing a group of these on an approaching Titan is a good way to tear it down to size!

Go for the strong beginning push!

Much like other games in this genre, Siege: Titan Wars really favors the aggressive – yet smart – player. A good initial push during the beginning of the game might give you enough momentum to really “snowball” the game.

Say you take out the enemy’s first tower very quickly – they now have to scramble to get their defenses back on equal footing. You can use this time to build up your army even further, and they usually won’t be able to fight back.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just constantly bombard the enemy with groups upon groups of units. In fact, a little restraint goes a long way. Rapidly deploying units will make them clump up together, and big groups of units are just asking to get fireballed.

Also, pay attention to the kind of units your enemy is sending out and attempt to counter if you have the right unit with you. Counter-play is just as important as aggressive play!

That’s all for Siege: Titan Wars. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. a great game, clash royale themed but with much improve, less cards required to lvl up, troops instead solo units and titans as heroes… for free and NOT p2w scheme


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