Mines Of Mars

If you’re a fan of crafting games that combine elements from several different genres, you will be happy to know that a new sidescrolling crafting game is going to be released later today on the App Store.

Mines of Mars is set on the Red Planet. Gamers will be able to explore the Red Planet, gather materials to create better equipment. Creating is a big part of the game, as you will have to deal with several different enemies who definitely don’t like the fact that you are on the planet taking materials from them.

The game as a really nice graphical look that helps making the overall experience quite engaging, despite its not being too original. Gamers who know Terraria will surely find several similarities between both games. Still, the different setting helps in making the games slightly different. And Mines Of Mars has a lot of nasty looking creatures that Terraria doesn’t feature. And, believe, it’s incredibly satisfying to blast a giant carnivore plant with a special gun you have created by taking materials from its planet. Ironic, to say the least.

Mines of Mars is going to be released at midnight on the App Store. The game will cost you $4.99.



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