King decided to take a break from all the Candy Crush Saga and other Saga games and deliver something different: a card game! Suffle Cats is the name of the new game from King and, just like all their other products, it’s extremely easy to play and at the same time insanely addictive. It is based on the Rummy game (but with simplified rules), so many of you will probably feel at home with it. And we’re here to help everybody get better at the game by sharing some Shuffle Cats cheats and tips to help you win all games!

The truth is that, just like most games out there, King’s latest title is one where luck plays a major factor and you could still lose if you are extremely lucky, no matter how strategic you play. But for all the other occasions, we’ve got you covered so let’s check out our Shuffle Cats cheats and tips below!

1. It’s all about the Lucky charms
As you progress through the game, you will unlock various Lucky Charms that give you special powers in the game. The first one that you will unlock and against which you’ll be playing many of your games is the Queens & Kings charm which gives double points for playing these cards. So make sure you make everything out of your Lucky Charms and use the bonuses to your advantage.

For example, when holding a Queens & Kings charm, you should always try to pick up any dropped Queens or Kings by your opponent, as long as they are not completely useless. If you have something that could, at least in theory, help you create a set, pick up that card instead as it’s worth double points. Also, try to only dump into the discard pile a Queen or King as a last resort if the opponent has the Lucky Charm: you don’t want to help them get more points easily, do you?

2. Try to remember the cards
I’m not saying that you should become a Pro and start counting cards or something similar, but paying attention can save you from a lot of trouble. Once, I was waiting for a 7 of spades for a match, without realizing that I will never get it since it was already played alongside two other 7s on the board. Pay attention to the discarded cards as well and try to remember which ones were dropped (as well as which ones were picked by your opponent if they don’t use them immediately!) in order to improve your chances of actually matching the cards you have in your hand. Knowing what has been played and what options are no longer possible for your deck is key to victory!

3. Don’t hold onto the cards!
This is a double edged sword, but usually it’s best to just play the meld that you have and worry about getting more points later. If you keep the cards locked in your hand, you will only draw a new card each turn and chances of getting the one you need drop. But if you play 3 or 4 cards in one hand, even if things don’t look insanely good in your hand, things could completely change since you will draw back just as many new cards. It’s true that your opponent can get extra points by adding cards to the ones that you played and sometimes this could win them the game, but it’s usually better to just play the cards as soon as you have them instead of waiting with them in your hand for that final blow!

4. Get all the freebies
There’s not a lot in terms of free gems that King is offering its players, and that’s why you should take advantage and claim all freebies that are offered every few hours in the game. That’s enough to give you a free play in case you run out of Gems completely and basically get you back on track. You can also play the minigame for free once per day.

Also, it seems that the Gold bars can only be used to play the Mini Game right now, so don’t hesitate to give it a few shots if you run our of Gems. It is possible that with future updates King will introduce more uses for the Gold Bars, but right now you should use them for making extra money. And don’t risk too much: when you have one life left in the minigame, collect your Gems and enjoy, otherwise you will only win 1,000 no matter how many you had.

5. Change the order of the cards
You can tap the button in the lower left corner in order to change the order in which the cards in your deck are arranged. Try to do so for a fresh look over your cards and maybe new ideas, but try to find one that works best for you and stick to it because it can get confusing if you keep changing the order. But whatever you do, make sure that you always play all the possible cards in your turn.

6. There’s just one of each card!
Also something extremely important to have in mind: there’s just one of each card, so usually if a card is discarded and definitely if it’s played in a meld, you should consider it gone. There are some occasions when the discard pile will get shuffled and you will have a new chance at getting your required card if it has been discarded previously, but that’s a big risk. Instead, just try to find a different set to work on!

As I said, Shuffle Cats is a game where luck matters a lot, but hopefully the strategies that I have shared with you will help you get the edge when you’re just as lucky as your opponent. If you have other tips and tricks for Shuffle Cats, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.


    i have 3 games at high values 20k diamonds
    Games were with russia/balkan players
    When trying to play 3xQ & 3xK my keyboard was “mysteriously” blocked
    This has happened on first go…..NO ICE
    Then threw the key card …. WTF
    im level 36 not seen anything like this on lower levels
    I think that the p2p client comms has been hacked
    PS given up on Candy Crush at level 1828 this level is a complete P#%S take to the normal everyday player
    Thats my £40pa ish to ….

  2. I don’t understand how to play the mini game to get more diamonds, since I don’t have enough to play a hand!! Why is there no “how to play” or directions of some sort. Any help to achieve more diamonds besides the freebies. I don’t always have time to go collect them every 4 hours, so only get them once a day.

    • I have been going to level 11 when I’m low. Play Walter it is designed for you to win every time because it’s instructional. Takes awhile but can build your gems up some.

    • To play the mini game all u do is slide the top card into the red on left or black on the right piles respectively. U have to decide if each card is bulk or red. Sometimes they are in a string of two black then a red, then 3 black etc…. Very simple. If u make it to the top u get 30 thousand points.

  3. I don’t know when or how to play the ice. Meaning do I just tap the snowflake to use it? Do I do it at the beginning of the game; more than once a game?

    • The ice/snowflake is denoted on the cards you start with. 5 will have a blue outline. When you meld or play those cards it will randomly selected a players card to ice for each one played. If you discard a blue outlined card you lose the ice boost associated with it.
      For example if I have a blue outlined 2,4,6,j,q at the beginning and I get a king to play. It will ice two oppents cards for 3 turns (meaning they can’t play them for those turns). If I discard my 2, I am discarded one of my ice boosts.
      I hope that makes sense

    • If you have the ice as your good luck charm, when you play the cards that have blue around the edges they will freeze your opponents cards for 3 plays. The more blue edged cards you lay down the more cards of your opponent will freeze.

    • If you have chosen the snow flake , the game randomly decides to zap your opponent when jyou play a hand. Which freezes certain cards in their hand they could potentially play. They have no control, I have tried, by shuffling my own hand when my opponent is getting ready to lay down.

  4. I am playing on my IPad. I have played 100’s of games against everyone in the world it seems.
    BUT I can not pull a card back into my hand, if I accidently touch it. Is there any way to unselect a card or return it to your hand , (on the IPAD)? When putting down meld, I have accidently dragged it thru the discard pile and didn’t even get to lay down meld. AUAUAUGHGGH! Is this problematic on only the IPad?

    • If you select a card (card is highlighted w a green halo) and you want it back in your hand, just click on it again. Also, you should never need to drag any cards, just click.

  5. Correct. Don’t drag. Just tap. I had the same problem when I thought dragging was the only option. Also… to LYNDA– the “mini” game is a guessing game. Will the next card be hearts or spades? Slide the card to the one you think it will be…if you are wrong 3x in a row- you lose, but you still get 1000 gems. Sometimes I’ll get halfway up and just hit the “collect” button because I don’t want to risk only getting 1000 gems. There are only 26 cards in that deck- 13 of each. If you turn on notifications, you’ll get notified every 4 hours. I thought it would be annoying at first, but it take 2 seconds to go in, collect the gems, close the gems and go back to what you were doing. Hope this helps! 2 more tips I’ve found. 1-sometimes if i find in losing a few games in a row, I’ll delete the app and then download it again. You don’t lose any gems, but it seems (and it could be all in my head) the game wants to help you out with some good hands when you first load it. 2- I go back and play levels 4 and 5 to get more gems. Have to have at least 50 to play but you can win faster than other instructional levels. (haven’t tried Shantel’s tip about level 11, but I will). Ummm…that’s all for now!

  6. The more I this game the more infuriating it is. I’m fairly confident I’m playing strategies perfectly every time, but I know when I make a mistake. Regardless, I’m losing 50% of the time. I see more and more luck involved as I get better and it’s annoying. I’m curious as to others win rates out there? Right now I’m sitting at 43% after a nine game streak loss. Also, I’ve noticed that nearly everyone that has reached level 30 years is the lightning bolt perk now, which is insanely unfair against the other perks.

    • I am at 52%. I think it is because once you learn the rules it is mostly luck. Most everyone I have seen in the high 40 to low 50% range. While you are playing a game you can tap on the opponents picture and it will give their stats, including the percent they have won.

    • I feel that way about the ice charm. When playing against someone with a zap card wait for them to lay down first even if you have a set. Sometimes I save up to 6 cards to lie down and wait for them to lie down 5 to 6 cards first. That way you make them get rid of at least most of their zap cards and it doesn’t effect you.

  7. If I have a meld with one or more of my ice cards, how come I cannot play that hand?
    I wind up,sometimes ,losing one of them to the discard pile, if I run out of time trying to force that meld to play thru

    • The Zap card is complete CRAP! I’m convinced people just enjoy taking away their opponent’s points. Do you really feel like a good player when you’re only winning because you zapped the other person’s points? Ugh

  8. I really like this game but am I right that when you lay down cards using the lightening bolt that even though it shows that points will be deducted (if they haven’t laid down a meld yet) from your opponent they are not and you’ve just “wasted” your lucky charm?

  9. Suddenly I can’t use the lucky symbols and now it’s 12 points to win the game instead of 10. I’ve checked settings to see if I’ve swapped games but can’t find anything.

  10. I selected the Q/K lucky charm and it didn’t work. I didn’t get any extra points…the 6 I was supposed to get…just the usual 3. It lost me the game.

  11. My points icon has disappeared please put it back. I had got to 9th place and now I can’t see where I am. I have won some games so I should be on the leader board

  12. I think King gave changed the odds of winning. Really struggling to win, getting rubbish cards dealt ‘randomly to me. Didn’t used to be like that!

  13. The “Zap” is disgusting….please do not give me opponents with Zap charm.
    It erases my earned points….Please Please Please..

    I love the game…it excites me when I win…but I observe that when you are on 3 winning streaks, it seems the program keeps you from winning the 4th streak…I just observed this when I reach 3 winning streak and observe the same with my opponents…that’s why you expect to loose winning the 4th streak!…that’s bad…


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