Home Game Guides Should You Use RTX for Roblox DOORS? Answered

Should You Use RTX for Roblox DOORS? Answered

Should You Use RTX for Roblox DOORS? Answered
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Roblox DOORS, as a first-person horror game, can be a much better experience with improved immersion. The rooms with a gloomy vibe, dark corridors and empty hallways can be even more scary with RTX shaders, which will enhance the game’s visuals. 

But many players are unsure about using RTX for Roblox DOORS instead of playing the game normally, mainly because many fear performance issues, crashes, and other such things that may hinder their experience. 

Should You Use RTX for Roblox DOORS

Yes, you should use the RTX shaders with Roblox DOORS, as it makes the experience more immersive, especially during SEEK chase sequences.

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Roblox DOORS without RTX Shaders

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While DOORS is one of the few visually appealing games on the Roblox platform, with RTX, the levels feel more realistic thanks to the natural and vibrant lighting effects that RTX shaders add. 

Even if you have a mid-tier GPU with RTX support, you can play Roblox DOORS with RTX enabled at a decent FPS. Even the low-end cards can run the game with 60+ FPS. 

I tested Roblox DOORS with RTX shaders on my PC with RTX 3070, 24 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7-10700 CPU, and I got around 125 – 140 FPS. 

When you install RTX shaders for Roblox DOORS, it will make most of the objects in the game, including the floor and walls, reflect the surrounding and produce more light than usual. 

The reflections usually won’t make sense, as even brick walls and hard surfaces reflect surroundings like a mirror or polished surface. But then again, it’s not like the RTX shader in Roblox DOORS is using actual Ray Tracing technology. 

Seeing the visual change, we think the shaders use Ambient Occlusion to some extent while increasing the lighting intensity and making the surroundings reflective and vibrant. But whatever it is, it makes the game visually appealing without significantly changing performance.

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Should You Use RTX for Roblox DOORS? Answered


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