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All Monsters in Roblox Doors

Get a comprehensive list of all monsters in Roblox Doors and learn which ones are dangerous and how to survive them.

Roblox Doors is a first-person horror game that takes place at a hotel haunted by a set of mostly hostile entities or monsters. As a player, your main goal is to go from door to door and survive as long as possible avoiding these creatures. 

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Besides Figure, who is the main antagonist in the game, there are currently 18 other entities in the game. We bring you a comprehensive list of all monsters in Roblox Doors and straightforward instructions on how to get past each one of them in this handy guide.

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All Monsters in Roblox Doors

Figure in Roblox Doors
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All Roblox Doors entities are unique in nature, appearance, and jump scares you have to go through when they find you. However, some share similar traits, which makes players confused as they must focus on small details to identify which Roblox Doors monster will appear so they have better odds of escaping them. 

Here is the complete list of monsters in Roblox Doors and some helpful info on how to recognize and avoid them. 

#1. Hide

Hide is one of the monsters in Roblox Doors that appears when players stay in a wardrobe or under a bed for too long. The sign of Hide’s arrival is a red static effect framing your screen with the text reading “GET OUT.” If you don’t get out, Hide will kick you out and reduce your health by 40% preventing you from entering the hiding space for a bit.

#2. Rush

Rush is another monster in Roblox Doors that announces its arrival by causing the lights to flicker. It is one of the first malevolent entities you will encounter, and your best bet to avoid it when the lights start acting up is to hide in a wardrobe or under a bed until it passes through the room. If it catches you in the open, you will die immediately.

#3. Seek

Seek is a monster that you encounter twice in the game in most cases—before and after The Library. The telltale sign that you are about to encounter Seek is eyeballs that start popping up on the walls. Soon, Seek will materialize from a pile of goo on the floor and start chasing you. You must run down the hallway and through multiple rooms avoiding different obstacles. Just try to follow the white sparkles that will eventually guide you to your safety.

#4. Screech

Screech is a monster in Roblox Doors that appears in completely dark rooms. Screech typically spawns behind the player, alerting them by whispering pst. If you hear that, turn around quickly. You will see Screech who will scream at you but won’t cause any damage. If you fail to turn fast, you will get out of the encounter with 40 Damage.

#5. Eyes

The Eyes rapidly take away the player’s health if the player keeps looking at them. You will notice Eyes after you encounter a blue-purple glow in a newly opened room and hear a moan. When the eyes appear, they will start dealing 10 Damage for every tick. The best approach here is to avoid looking at it and get out of the room as fast as possible. 

#6. Halt

Halt is another monster that spawns if the lights flicker, like Rush or Ambush. However, in this case, Halt will be waiting in the next room after you notice the lights going off and on. Halt looks like a blue ghost with shining blue eyes and lives in long corridors. You will have to run through that corridor to escape Halt, but pay attention to the instructions that pop up telling you to turn back. Listen to those words and turn back immediately and continue in the opposite direction or just walk back instead until you can reach the door again.

#7. Ambush

Ambush used to be exceptionally similar to Rush. The lights would flicker, and the player had to quickly find a hiding spot before it would rush into the room. After the update, Ambush now announces itself with a high-pitched tone, and then it barges through the room back and forth several times. Therefore, make sure you stay hidden for a while.

#8. Timothy

Timothy is a spider that will rarely spawn in drawers the player opens while exploring. While it will probably scare you, this monster is not so dangerous. Besides the jump scare, you will only lose 5 health points from this encounter.  

#9. Jack

Jack looks scary as a partially visible skull with a neck, but this monster’s main purpose is just to frighten you. It will appear in a wardrobe preventing you from hiding there or distort the room if it spawns in the open, which can be particularly annoying if you’re also trying to get away from Rush or Ambush.

#10. Figure

Figure is a guaranteed spawn in rooms 50 and 100, and it is probably the most dangerous entity in the game. Any direct contact with it will result in death, but, luckily enough, it is blind. However, don’t rely on that too much—Figure has excellent hearing, and your best bet for surviving this encounter is to crouch and make as little noise as you can. You can hide in a wardrobe, which will trigger a mini-game where you have to time your heartbeats. It is in your best interest to do this game right because then Figure will leave the room giving you the chance to escape.

#11. Glitch

Glitch won’t harm you since it serves as a failsafe in cases of actual glitches where the next room overlaps with the previous one or you get glitched out of the map. In such cases, this humanoid entity will appear and transport you to the next room without affecting your health.

#12. Window

Window is a harmless monster that occasionally appears when lightning strikes outside any of the small windows in any room and sometimes in a window in the Lobby. While it might be spooky, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

#13. Shadow

Shadow is a rare entity that is practically a featureless version of Jack. It is meant to scare the player, but it doesn’t deal any damage.

#14. El Goblino

El Goblino is a cool goblin-like creature with an earring that is completely friendly and deals no damage. It doesn’t even try to scare you. You can find El Goblino at Jeff’s Shop just chilling, and players can interact with it to learn some new information until they exhaust dialogue options.

#15. Jeff

Two glowing eyes in the dark may be scary, but Jeff is another friendly creature in Roblox Doors. It runs a shop in the middle of the hotel, and you can purchase various items there for the gold you find during exploration.

#16. Void

Void looks just like you would imagine based on its name—black nothingness. It appears in multiplayer games just to transport players who stray too far from others back to the group. It doesn’t deal damage or scare you.

#17. Snare

Enough with the benevolent creatures! Snare is here to spice things up. Still. this creature is not as dangerous as it is annoying. It appears in The Greenhouse and hides in the grass as a small mound of earth with some hidden spikes. Snare traps unsuspecting players in place for three to six seconds and deals 10 Damage, which is not that bad, but it can prove to be fatal if there’s Rush or Ambush coming your way as well. Therefore, be careful and bring a flashlight with you to inspect the grass.

#18. Bob

Bob is El Goblino’s buddy, which means this creature won’t do you any harm even though it is a skeleton with a baseball hat. You can interact with it at Jeff’s Shop.

#19. Dupe

Dupe is a trickster that appears as a creepy smile with eyes, with the rest of its appearance hidden by the darkness. It will appear in rooms with two numbered doors if you go to the wrong one and attack you dealing 40 Damage. You can avoid this entity if you pay attention to the door numbers. If you’ve just entered, say, room 41 and it has doors with 42 and 43, you need to continue in order and proceed to room 42. In case you’re feeling adventurous and want to skip to 43, prepare to encounter Dupe.

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This concludes our list of all monsters in Roblox Doors. Let us know which one scared you the most and explore the rest of our dedicated Roblox Doors section here on TouchTapPlay if you need more assistance with this horror game! 

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All Monsters in Roblox Doors


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