How to Play Roblox Piggy – Guide, Tips, Cheats for Beginners

How to Play Roblox Piggy – Guide, Tips, Cheats for Beginners

Anyone who has played Roblox once can say that there are a huge number of modes in this game. Among the modes, you can even find horror maps where you can gather with your friends. One of these modes is Piggy. Learn more about this mode below.

Roblox Piggy Guide and Tips

Piggy is not a simple pig, but a real maniac in the form of a pig, whose task is to destroy his enemies. He can do this with the help of improvised means, while ordinary players must hide from their enemy in the meantime.

The player’s task is to find all the necessary keys to the locked doors. By opening the doors you will be able to gradually advance so that you can escape from the maniac, however, when you meet him, you must run as fast as you can. If you get caught by him, you will have no chance to save yourself, and if you lose the game, you will have to hope that your friends will succeed.

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There are also additional things in the game. As mentioned above, you must find the keys. However, in addition to this, there is also a weapon that can cut off a maniac for as much as 20 seconds, giving your a chance to search for keys. Also, you can find other items that help during the game. They can even be ordinary boards.

Characters can move to places where the maniac cannot enter. However, pay attention that you have only 10 minutes to complete this map. Therefore, the longer you stay in one place, the greater the chance that the maniac will win. You must constantly move around trying to defeat your enemy.

Also, the difficulty in the mode lies in the complexity of the maniac, because if an experienced player comes across against you, it will be really difficult to deal with him. Although the location is quite scary, in some places it is really beautiful, which also cannot leave you indifferent.

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How to Play Roblox Piggy – Guide, Tips, Cheats for Beginners


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