How to Draw Piggy from Roblox

How to Draw Piggy from Roblox

Drawing Piggy is easy enough even for a beginner. To do this, you just need to watch the training video or read our step-by-step guide.

Step by Step Guide on How to Draw Piggy

Any drawing should have its own beginning. In our case, this is the head. Since Piggy has a round head shape in Roblox, you need to draw a circle. After it, add Piggy’s ears. Here you can make your own version, whichever you like best.

After that, you need to draw the nose. It should be oval, located inside the circle. Then make two identical holes in the nose itself, and also draw the eyes of the same shape above. Add round objects to the cheeks, creating a blush.

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Next, move on to the body. Here an arm and a small part of the torso are drawn. After the hand, you need to draw a bat already. It should be slightly larger than Piggy because this is her main weapon. After the beat, move on to the second hand. Draw her in such a way as if she is holding a bat. Next, draw the rest of the body, namely the dress. Next, outline the character, making the lines darker. Voila! Piggy is ready.

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How to Draw Piggy from Roblox


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