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Should You Do Side Quests in Final Fantasy 16?

Check out our guide to find out if you should complete any of the side quests in Final Fantasy 16, and how many are worth looking at

Side quests can be fun and a bit of a light hearted distraction from the main story, but sometimes they can distract the player a bit too much. Not all side quests are worth spending time and resources on completing them all. In Final Fantasy 16 there are more than 75 side quests so it is good to be a bit picky on which you complete. Let’s explore how many side quests are actually worth doing in Final Fantasy 16.

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How many side quests are worth completing in Final Fantasy 16?

Out of the over 75 side quests many are courier quests where you have to visit a place or person and retrieve something. These aren’t always worth your time as they don’t give much reward but they are nice if you just fancy doing something less taxing than main quests. The most important quests have great gear and rewards given to Clive once completed but how can we tell which are the important quests?

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The clue is in the side quest icon: a green speech bubble. The really useful and important side quests are the ones with this green speech bubble but have a white plus (+) symbol. These are the side quests worth getting to ASAP to get your hands on the gear and rewards they offer. We believe there are sixteen of these important side quests, and the majority of these come up nearer the second half of the game.

When you first start playing, just focus on the main quest and do some side quests if you want to have a bit of a change or some bonus XP while playing Final Fantasy 16. The more important side quests will pop up as you progress so when you see that white plus symbol head that way, complete the task, and grab your reward!

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Should You Do Side Quests in Final Fantasy 16?