Shooting Hoops is one of the most addictive and amazing games I have played in recent times! It’s absolutely awesome and I’m sure you could do with some help, so we’re here to share some Shooting Hoops cheats and tips to help you keep on scoring and beating your records.

With deceptively simple mechanics, this game is easy to learn and impossible to master. But still fun nevertheless and the more you play, the better you get at it. And with some Shooting Hoops tips and tricks that we have for you below, you might get even better!

Just get the ball in the basket
The only thing that you have to focus on is getting the ball into the basket, no matter how. This means that you can – YES! – get it in the basket from below. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it!

Bounce the ball of the walls as well in order to score some trick shots and take advantage of them actually in order to get your ball closer to the basket. That’s all that matters!

The red pill is your friend
Whenever I see that, nothing else matters. Taking the red pill gives you unlimited tries for a fair amount of time and you can bag 2-3 baskets relatively easy without having to worry about anything.

So whenever you see the red pill – focus all your attention on it and take it. You will live a stress free life for a while, but just make sure that you score at least once while it’s active in order to reset the number of tries you have on hand.

Ignore Hard Mode like the plague (and how to turn it on/off)
The hard mode is probably for super-expert players that are out of this world. The basket is way smaller and, to me, impossible to score.

If you turn on Hard Mode by mistake when the game prompts – or if you want to switch it on or off, you can do so from the menu. Simply tap the Settings button in the main menu and turn Hard mode off. (Or ON, but why would you do that?)

New balls, new features?
I am not 100% sure, but I have the impression that any other ball that you unlock after the basic one, is better. I have unlocked the soccer ball and the rubber ball so far and they both seem to be easier to control and perform better when I play.

They seem to bounce a bit more and jump a bit higher, making it a lot easier overall. I thought that it might be just me getting used to playing the game, but switching back to the original basketball made things a bit more difficult.

So try the new balls that you unlock as they might be more than just new designs – they might make your life a lot easier. In my case, it sure seems to happen.

Take your time
In Shooting Hoops, you’re not racing against time to score the basket, so try not to rush and take your time instead. This tip is especially useful for when your ball starts bouncing around like crazy, turning chaotically and making it almost impossible to get a clear shot.

Just take your time, wait for it to stop and start over. Tap regularly, calmly and take things methodically – this is the way to do it!

Grab those crystals!
Apart from the red pill, the crystal is another favorite because whenever you get one, you’re one Crystal closer to unlocking a new ball. And even though they’re not vital for you to keep going, keep an eye on them and try to get as many as possible when you play.

These would be all the Shooting Hoops tips and tricks that we have for you today. Do you have other strategies that work well? Let us know by commenting below!


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