Dead Effect 2

Fans of the original Dead Effect have had it though these past few months. Dead Effect 2 was originally announced with a September release date but developer Badfly later revealed that the game was going to be released during October. Unfortunately the game has been delayed once again but this delay is thankfully not as big as the previous one.

Earlier today it’s been confirmed that Dead Effect 2 will be released on the App Store on october 29th. The game was supposed to be released today, October 22nd.

Dead Effect 2 is the sequel to the original Dead Effect, taking place into the future just like it. The game’s main setting is the ESS Meridian, which is infested not only by zombies but also by some other less than peaceful creatures such as Cyborgs, drones and several other different enemy types that players will obviously have to dispose of using a variety of weapons such as obligatory guns, blades and other long range type ones.

Dead Effect 2 launches on the App Store on October 29th in all regions. We will let you know if anything changes as soon as possible so stay tuned for all the latest news.


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