AirAttack 2

A few years ago a very interesting shooter game called AirAttack has been released on the App Store. Even though iOS games have come a long way since then, AirAttack is still a very interesting shooter game sporting interesting features and beautiful graphics. After quite a long wait, developed Art In Games is ready to unleash AirAttack’s sequel on the App Store.

AirAttack 2 won’t be all that different from its predecessor and it will feature the same engaging and exciting gameplay experience enhanced by a variety of new features that will make the new game bigger and better than the older one. AirAttack 2 will feature 22 different stages, 5 different ships, new upgrade options, new weapons and Game Center support, which will allow players to obtain rewards by completing weekly and daily challenges. With so much content, shooter games fans will be busy for quite some time.

AirAttack 2 has been submitted to Apple so it should be released soon if everything goes well. We will let you know more AirAttack 2’s release date as soon as more comes in on the matter so stay tuned for more.


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