The creator of the brilliant puzzle game 100 Balls has decided to offer us a new game featuring the colored balls, Shoot the Balls, a title where you have to shoot down geometrical shapes until you run out of lives or balls to shoot. The game is pretty fun and its simple concept works great on the iPhone or iPad, but we’re here to help you out with some Shoot the Balls tips and tricks that will hopefully give you the chance to get even more points in your next run and go for the top of the leaderboards. Even though that won’t be easy!

But let’s not waste any time talking and let’s check out the Shoot the Balls cheats: tips and tricks below for a better run.

1. Understand the game’s mechanics
Things are really simple, actually: you have a limited number of balls and lives and you must make sure you replenish them as often as possible and waste them as little as possible. When you shoot a shape with a heart inside, you gain a life. When you shoot a shape with balls inside, you gain some extra balls. Every shape that you miss costs you a life. It’s easy, but once you understand how things work in the game, it will be easier to come up with the perfect strategy!

2. Focus on shooting the better color first
A new color means more points when you shoot it down and also more balls (if there are any inside). So try to focus on shooting the best colors first and then the lower ones. However, this is easier said than done because pieces move really fast there – but with some practice, you will eventually get it.

3. Full shapes over empty ones
Shooting an empty shape doesn’t give you much: just points. But the other shapes with hearts and balls inside are extremely valuable and you should try to make sure that you get them all in order to get the goodies too, otherwise you will quickly run out of lives or balls.

4. Snipe shoot the shapes
Even though it is possible to launch a lot of balls in all the directions and get the random hits, it’s best to go for the “one shot, one kill” mechanic that guarantees that you get the most from your balls. Also, always try to shoot your balls into the upper sides of the screen because if you miss, they will fall down and there’s a small chance that they will actually hit a shape when doing so.

5. Master the shooting
You must become a shooting master in Shoot the Balls in order to get the most out of the game, so practice it. Apart from the shooting tip I gave you before, I found it better to wait a bit for the shapes and not go for them as soon as they appear on the screen: shoot them when they’re descending, because it’s easier to anticipate the direction and they seem to go somewhat slower when they fall.

Practice a lot should also be one of the tips shared: during my first few playthroughs, I managed to go from below 200 points to over 1,400 so the more you play, the better you get at this game. Check out my first Shoot the Balls gameplay below:

Hopefully our Shoot the Balls tips and tricks helped you understand the game a bit better and will also help you get the most out of it and reach that level 100 in no time. Good luck!


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