Shooting already dead things on the go is definitely everyone’s dream. Or maybe not. However, if you want to feel the thrill and excitement that comes from taking down hordes of zombies in a “on rails” shooter, you better check out Gunner Z.

Gunner Z has been developed by BitMonster Games, the team behind Lili, a very different game than Gunner Z.

The game’s premise is incredibly simple and not too different from many other games of the same genre. In Gunner Z, players will be traveling on an armored jeep and kill as many zombies as possible.

The game offers an interesting graphical style which uses night vision graphics, trying to give the game a realistic feel, even though zombies don’t really exist in our world. Or maybe they do, but are to shy to come out and say hello.

The game’s controls are really intuitive. To aim, just swipe the screen; to shoot, just tap the fire button and watch the zombies disappear in the most glorious way possible.

The gameplay experience is also spiced up by the presence of boss battles, which require a specific strategy to beat.

Gunner Z is now available for download from the App Store. The game is a free to play one featuring some paid upgrades for your vehicles. The same upgrades can be obtained by playing the game so there’s really no real need to spend money to see everything this shooter has to offer. Upgrading the vehicle without getting the paid upgrades is going to take long time, however, so don’t be afraid to increase your firepower the easy way!

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