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ShockRods Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Winning Your Matches

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Welcome to ShockRods, an all new third-person shooter featuring metal mayhem! Drive into combat using your all-terrain battle car and fight in hectic 12 player shootouts! With a ton of weapons and gadgets to utilize, there is an endless amount of ways to destroy your opponents!

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In our ShockRods tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of controlling your car, the different types of weapons you can use, and the arenas. Let’s get started with our ShockRods cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning your matches!

Set the controls and the sensitivity!

Much like the other games on the Apple Arcade, ShockRods lets you customize your controls to an extent, and you can even use a bluetooth controller if you have one. As usual, the preferred way to control is a controller, as it gives you the most response and control.

Regardless of what control scheme you end up going with, we highly recommend you turn down the aim sensitivity. By default, ShockRods’ aiming sensitivity is crazy high, and you will notice this as soon as you start playing. Turn it down almost all the way for it to actually be controllable.

If you find that your vehicle is moving a little too erratically as well, you can also turn down the movement sensitivity.

Watch your health and armor!

Your health and armor are displayed at the top of the screen. By default, your vehicle’s health is at 125. The bar is a little small, so it is easy to lose track of, but it is important to keep an eye on it.

If you have taken a beating from a recent firefight, be sure to pull back and escape your opponent if you think you can get away. There are green health power ups scattered across the maps, and they refill 100 health. Try to memorize the locations of these, because it can come handy in a pinch!

The orange bar next to your health is your armor bar; it acts as a second health bar, essentially. If you have armor, it will be depleted before your health does.

Every time you respawn, you will have no armor. Be on the lookout for small orange rectangles – those are armor pick ups, and each one is worth 5 armor. It is not much, but if you collect a lot of these you can take a lot of punishment before you go down.


Use the boost and jump!

There’s a small button above the left virtual joystick that lets you jump and boost. If you tap on it, you will perform a jump. You can do another jump in mid air too. Use this to dodge shots, trick opponents, or make big jumps across the arena.

If you tap and hold, your vehicle will start boosting, greatly increasing your forward momentum. Use this if you are trying to cross over a gap or if you are evading an opponent.

Unlock new parts and customize your vehicle!

If you play online and finish a match, you will earn coins to unlock new bodies, tires, and more to customize your vehicle. You can even change the paint job of everything too! Go ahead and make your vehicle really standout!

It is also worth mentioning that none of the different bodies or tires have different stats from your starting vehicle. All of the customization options are purely cosmetic, so go ahead and go with whatever part you think look the coolest. You do not have to worry about stats or anything!

Weapon list!

Scattered around the arenas are different weapons for you to pick up. All of the weapons do lots of damage, and here is breakdown of them.

  • Machine Gun: Your default weapon. It has unlimited ammo (but still needs to be reloaded by using a different weapon) and great range, so don’t sleep on your trusty machine gun! It can really help secure a kill when you run out of ammo.
  • Shot Cannon: Extremely destructive at short range. Get right up on your opponents for maximum damage. High risk, high reward!
  • Grenade Launcher: Lobs grenades at medium range. They deal damage even if it is not a direct hit and your opponent is within the blast radius! You may want to use manual fire for this, as it is a little easier to shoot ahead.
  • Railgun: Fire a powerful purple laser beam straight ahead. The laser travels almost instantly, so if you have good aim you can take down opponents incredibly fast. Two hits from this will take out any unarmored vehicle!
  • Minigun: Basically a better version of the default Machine Gun. Has longer range, does more damage, and fires faster!
  • Cannon: A sniper rifle of sorts. Does decent damage but its greatest strength lies in its long range firing abilities. Keep your distance when using this!
  • Rocket Launcher: A more direct version of the Grenade Launcher. Shoot explosive missiles that deal splash damage! Direct hits do more damage!

Which weapons are the best?

Our personal go-to weapon is the Railgun. If you can master aiming with it, you can shred entire teams to pieces with it provided you have enough ammo. You really need to maintain your aim, as this thing will fire and reach its target insanely fast. Just remember that the firing rate is very slow, so if you miss you might be in trouble!

The Minigun is a great alternative if aiming is a little too tricky for you. Even if you miss, this thing fires so quickly that you will probably get a couple hits in anyways. It is great for when you want to fight at mid-range. Keep a Shot Cannon on you in case you want to go in for the kill!

Gadgets and Power-ups can secure the kill!

In addition to the standard weapons, you also have gadgets that can be potentially death sentences for your opponents.

  • Balloon Cannon: Launches a party balloon straight forward. If you hit a vehicle with this, they will be tied to the balloon and they will flail helplessly in the air. The Balloon Cannon basically makes someone target practice!
  • Freeze Gun: Shoot an opponent with this to make them freeze over and stop them dead in their tracks!
  • Bulldozer: Attaches a giant bulldozer blade to the front of your vehicle. Any enemy vehicle you run into will immediately be destroyed!
  • Mine: A giant spiky mine can be deployed behind you. It will stay there until some unlucky vehicle drives into it, dealing massive damage to them, usually enough to instantly destroy them.
  • Shield: Throws out a deployable shield in front of you. It is a little hard to use considering how fast the vehicles move in this game, but you might be able to save yourself with it.

Keep in mind that gadgets need to be manually fired, even if you have auto-fire enabled. You can re-enable it by double tapping your fire button.

There are also temporary power-ups that bestow increased abilities for your vehicle.

  • Speed Demon: Makes your vehicles move VERY fast. You are almost untouchable with this power-up, so make good use of it!
  • Double Damage: Exactly what it sounds like! You can become almost unstoppable with any weapon when you have Double Damage!

Explore the maps and look for goodies!

All of the maps have secret areas that usually contain awesome power-ups and weapons for you. For example, on Desert, there is a big run down structure in the center of the map. If you jump and boost onto it, there is a Shield power-up and a full armor pack. If you jump onto the tall mountain next to it, a Double Damage awaits you!

On Lava Pit, there is a Double Damage at the bottom of the pit. Just don’t be there when the lava rises up! There are lot of secrets like this, so it helps to look around every now and then.

If you want, you can play offline and set the number of bots to zero so you can explore in peace. This is helpful to do if you feel that you are unfamiliar with the maps and need to remember where things are.

Stick with your team!

If you are playing Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag, it is important to try to stick with your team as much as possible. Depending on whether you are playing with real players or bots, going alone may get you killed often.

During a Team Deathmatch, stay with your team and move as a group. You can take down enemies much faster this way, and they can cover your back as well.

During Capture the Flag, your team should split into two groups. One group should go after the enemy flag, while the other group stays and defends your flag. You can adapt as necessary!

That’s all for ShockRods! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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