Shinsekai Into the Depths Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving the Depths

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After a cataclysmic storm, the world has been covered in ice. Humankind has been forced to flee underwater, where many have perished due to the harsh conditions of the sea. A lone aquanaut ventures into the depths as the ice grows larger and larger, thinking that they just might be last human alive…

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Shinsekai Into the Depths is a underwater action adventure game by the famed developer Capcom. In our Shinsekai Into the Depths tips and tricks guide, we will show you how to survive the underwater adventure and keep on exploring. It is time to jump into our Shinsekai Into the Depths cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving the depths!

Control your movement and smooth out your landing!

Shinsekai Into the Depths is an underwater adventure game, and as such you will be moving around as if you were trudging through snow. Your suit’s boosters allow you to jump and freely move through the water and accelerated speeds.

Be careful not to move too fast. Your boosters can move you up to dangerous speeds, and if you collide too hard with the environment or a creature, you can damage your suit and one of your air tanks. Losing air tanks is – as you can probably guess – a very bad thing, so be careful when you are moving around.

When you stop using your boosters, you will sink to the ocean floor as an alarmingly fast rate, so be sure to counter boost to slow your descent, otherwise prepare for a painful landing. Try to rotate your body so that your head is not exposed – if your helmet takes critical damage, it may instantly kill you.

Materials and supplies are the key to survival!

Shinsekai is a survival adventure game, so not only will you need to always keep an eye on your air, you will need to keep a check on your supplies and make items to increase your odds of survival.

As you progress through the depths, you will find a variety of native organic materials that you can use to craft helpful items. One of the most basic items is seaweed, which can be collected by simply walking along floors that are covered in flora.

You need seaweed to craft the oxygen restoring and grip extension items, so be sure to stock up. You will also need the essence of sea creatures, which can be found from destroying jellyfish, random fish, and other fauna. Essence has a grey spirit-like icon.

Two items that you should always have on hand are the small air tanks and the repair hammers. Small air tanks, as the name suggests, only refill a tiny bit of air but they can save your life in an emergency. Repair hammers repair your precious air tanks if they take damage.

You can only hold up to a certain amount of materials at once. If you walk up to a material and see a red stop sign appear, that means you are full on that material. Craft some stuff to make more room!

Let light guide the way!

You can turn on your headlamp at any time by pressing the button. If the light from your headlamp comes in contact with rare minerals hidden within the cavern walls, it will shine and denote the discovery with a red outline. Simply head on over to it to start mining it.

You can get precious minerals by doing this, including the rare brown mineral that allows you to upgrade your suit’s pressure threshold, allowing you descend deeper into the depths.

You can also find the green crystals and yellow minerals, which are needed for your suit’s auxiliary and weapon upgrades. Rare minerals are hidden everywhere, so there is really no reason to turn off your headlamp.

That is of course until you encounter the light sensitive creatures. These carnivores are attracted to light and loud noises, so if you have your headlamp on they will think you are dinner. There are a few creatures that react to light, so be sure to temporarily switch your headlamp off to stay safe.

The map is your best friend!

Consulting your map is a wise decision if you want to learn your way around the labyrinth that is the underwater world. The map will automatically map itself out as you explore and note important points of interest with little icons.

If you are ever lost and unsure of where to go next, take a look at your map – there is a good chance that you may notice an area that is still shrouded in darkness, meaning you have not explored it fully.

You may have also missed important rare minerals that you need to upgrade your suit’s pressure resistance. Rare minerals that you passed by but did not mine are marked on the map as well. Be on the lookout for these and collect them as soon as you can.

Use the hammer sonar often!

You learn of the hammer sonar technique very early in the game and for good reason – it is invaluable when you are looking for points of interest. Slamming down on the sea floor will emit a sonar scan, marking all noteworthy things on your map, and it will reveal nearby rare minerals.

Later on in the game, you will gain access to a submarine that can do this much quicker. Be sure to sonar as much as you can to scout out your surroundings.

Upgrade your suit when possible!

There are three main minerals you need for upgrades: the yellow mineral, the green crystal, and the gray mineral.

Yellow minerals are needed exclusively for the pressure upgrades. As soon as you have enough, be sure to upgrade your pressure resistance so that you can explore further into the depths.

Green crystals are used for upgrading different functions of your suit and inventory space. You can upgrade your climbing speed, your resistance to ice and other hazardous surfaces, and most importantly you can upgrade your thrusters to use less air. The final upgrade increases the max amount of air tanks you can have equipped.

In addition to the suit upgrades, you also use green crystals to upgrade the max amount of items you may hold at once. You start out with being able to hold 5 of each item. This upgrade is not as important considering you can craft items on the fly, so we recommend spending your crystals on suit upgrades first.

Lastly, you can use the gray minerals for weapon upgrades. Each weapon upgrades differently; the Spear Gun fire more spears at once, while the Grappling Hook’s range and hauling power increases, for example.

Portable save points can save you in a pinch!

Generally, you should be okay if you use a portable save point at every possible point you come across, as you are almost never without at least one in your inventory. If you want to be safe, you can scout out the area before using one to see if you really need a save point in the immediate vicinity.

The submarine can help you explore safely!

Reaching The Trench for the first time will grant you access to the submarine, a vessel that lets you travel around large spaces relatively fast. The submarine can emit quick sonars, destroy enemies very quickly, and break through large obstacles that you would not be able to scratch.

Another thing about the submarine is that is comes with a tether. When you disembark, you will be connected via the tether and you will be supplied oxygen as long as you are connected to it. You can go a pretty far distance without having to disconnect yourself, and even if you do your tether will stay put until you are ready to reconnect.

If you hold down the retract button while you are connected, the submarine will quickly pull you back, making travelling into small tunnel networks a breeze. Never leave home without your submarine! You can always call it at those purple signposts if you lose it.

Try out all the weapons!

Your starting harpoon gun will probably be the weapon you use the most against common enemies and bosses. Its no-nonsense burst fire of multiple harpoons does good damage and gets the job done. Be sure to upgrade it so that it fires more harpoons.

The grappling hook is a little more situational and is not generally recommended, unless you can make good use of the injection ability.

The mine gun is great for clearing out groups of common creatures, but its total damage output is not as good as the harpoon gun.

The electric wire gun is perhaps the most random of all the guns. For the most effectiveness, your enemies need to get caught in the electric wire, and even then sometimes they just will not take damage. This gun is so unreliable we almost never used it in our playthrough, but your mileage may vary.

And that would be our guide on Shinsekai Into the Depths. You should be able to brave the depths now! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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Shinsekai Into the Depths Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving the Depths

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