When you hear the term “RPG”, you probably imagine big swords, robes, double-headed battle axes, magical staffs, orcs, dragons, and so on. 

Or maybe not. RPGs come in all shapes and sizes, so you may be picturing laser rifles, or alien planets, or disaffected teenagers taking on the world. But you’re probably not thinking about dressing up. 

That’s what we love about the Nikki series: it takes a thing we all do every day and spins it into a rich, compelling RPG experience full of fun characters and bracing challenges. 

Developer Papergames has just announced a fourth game in the series. Shining Nikki will be out later this year, bringing another welcome dose of fashion-based role-playing action to the mobile app stores.

The game will contain almost a thousand different materials, and thousands of different outfits. With each one you collect you’ll learn a bit more about Miraland, the fantasy kingdom where the game takes place. 

You’ll learn more and more about Nikki, too, as you travel through space and time in your quest to avert Miraland’s destruction. Pretty exciting stuff. 

Shining Nikki even contains battles, albeit of the fashion variety. Each of these is themed, and the aim is to pick the right garments depending on the theme and the information given. You’ll need to pay close attention to come out on top. 

We’re excited about Shining Nikki. It looks like a fresh, radically nonviolent take on the RPG genre with some serious technical credentials. 

Every single one of the game’s countless outfits has been meticulously hand-drawn, and they look gloriously natural and authentic thanks to a stunning 80,000 polycount, as well as the sophisticated physics system and dynamic lighting effects. 

When will Shining Nikki be out? We still don’t know, but you can follow the game on Facebook and its official site to stay in the loop. 

Pre-registrations are due to start soon. 

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