Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 6


This is the sixth part of our Shining Force 2 walkthrough, which can be found on this page. The discussion will pick up just where we left off in part 5. This time around, our journey will start out with a battle against the Kraken! Please read on below for all the information that you need!


  • Get aboard the raft, and go in the southerly direction. When you reach a road that leads south, the raft will come to a halt, and a massive monster will materialize in front of you.
  • The Kraken is a formidable foe. Avoid getting too close to the two arms because of how much stronger they are. It would be best for Peter to launch a lone assault if Luke and Kiwi stayed put. Because he can walk on the water now, Kiwi is a significant aid.
  • The Head is capable of doing significant harm to the Force. Get him on the raft, then unleash all you’ve got on him once he’s there.
    After the Kraken has been defeated, you should go to Hassan.


  • Improve your equipment, and give any new members of the Force a promotion. Keep in mind that Slade can no longer use Knives, but can use Swords now that his ability has changed. 
  • Obtain the two Mithrils from this location and the Running Pimento from the bar; once you have it, be sure to use it on Gerhalt right away.
    Obtain the two Mithrils from this location and the Running Pimento from the bar; once you have it, be sure to use it on Gerhalt right away. Visit the south house and have a conversation with Dr. Rhode there. Rhode will volunteer to join you in order to assist you in getting the Caravan inside the Taros Shrine, since you have the Achilles Sword. 


  • A conflict will start as soon as you go west into the desert. Except for Kazin and Sarah, this is the point at which you get everyone else up to Level 20 and promote them. When you elevate Jaha, make him a Baron since doing so will increase his MOV by 1. 
  • When he uses the Running Pimento, Gerhalt will be a more effective warrior. It is not even worth your time to attempt to level up Kiwi. Simply give him orders to assault the golems. To proceed in the game, you must eliminate all the creatures.


  • The shrine is located to the west of here. According to Rhode, Taros is standing watch over the caravan. After that, Taros initiates a fight. Bear in mind that the Achilles Sword is the only weapon that can hurt him, which means that only Bowie can attack him.
  • You should not be concerned about the levels. Simply pave a way to Taros and make sure Bowie has full health before commanding him to fight and heal as necessary. Although he cannot move, Taros’s blade is enchanted with the Bolt spell.
  • Increase Bowie’s attack by equipping him with the Power Ring. Rhode will assume control of the Caravan after Taros has been vanquished. You may now put things in there to store them. To do this, climb atop the Caravan and then hit either the A or the C button. Put your Mithril away, open the chest, and take the Healing Water before making your way back to Hassan.
  • Rick will sign up for the Resistance if you talk to the Centaur guarding the gate. You may improve your equipment by speaking to the guy who is standing at the door. Give Jaha a broad sword and a leather glove to Sarah, so she can handle them.

Town of the Elves

  • Proceed up to the dry river as you make your way into the Hassan Desert. Going west will allow you to get the Dry Stone from the cave containing the Sick Dwarf. Keep on and keep an eye out for trees that are a different shade of green. Proceed inside the Town of the Elves. Proceed up the stairs after entering the home via the center door. Find a Secret Book by searching through a bookcase.
  • Locate a Vigor Ball by going into the woods in the northwest part of the map. Both Sarah and Kazin should be promoted now; Sarah should become a Master Monk, while Kazin should become a Sorcerer. The Leather Glove should be equipped to Sarah.
  • Use up all the stat items now that everyone has been promoted. To Gerhalt and Bowie, a Powerful Wine -a Power Ring for Peter-, to May, Protect Milk, Bright Honey for Sarah, to May, Cheerful Bread, and to Slade, Quick Chicken. Quick Ring for Jaha.
  • Return to the location from whence you obtained the Vigor Ball now that you are prepared. Follow the path that leads right, around, and down until you reach the Mithril. Bear in mind that there is a fight in the Fairy Woods to the left of the mithril, but you cannot win since you are too weak.

Another Battle

  • Start walking in the west direction. There will soon be a fight. This one is not that difficult at all. It is only necessary for Rick to gain one level in order to get promoted, so focus on that. The enemies are a little more difficult, but they are still manageable for everyone to level up to 2. At this time, Kiwi has outlived his usefulness against the Kraken, so place him in the Caravan with the other characters. Maintain Sarah’s Heal casts so that she may level up more quickly. To proceed, you must eliminate all the creatures.

Harpies Appear

  • Make your way to the entrance towards the west. Oddler will hear someone beg for rescue. You go to save an Elven child who is drowning in the pond, but Harpies appear just as you approach the water. This fight won’t last long at all. You shouldn’t be concerned about your level here, but you should strive to level up to 3.
  • After eliminating the two Harpies directly above you, make your way downward. If you wipe out all the creatures, an Elf named Elric will appear and help you out with his archery skills. Trace your steps back to Hassan and elevate him to the position of sniper. Get him a Robin’s Arrow to play with.

This concludes Shining Force 2 walkthrough part 6! We have traveled close to the middle of our journey at this point. That indicates…. there is still a great deal more to come! Check out the next (or previous) parts of our walkthrough! 

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Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 6


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