Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 5


Part five of our comprehensive Shining Force 2 walkthrough may be found on this page. From your first conversation with King Bedoe, up until the point where you return to Ribbie, this article will guide you through every step of the process.

King Bedoe

  • Have another conversation with King Bedoe. If you accept what he has to say, he will recommend that you meet Creed, who was a Greater Devil in the past but has since retired. He instructs you to go to the mayor of Polca and beg for his assistance in constructing a raft so that you may cross the river and reach Devil’s Tail.
  • After that, the King instructs Luke to go inform the others. You need to go back down there and save Skreech if you haven’t done so previously.
  • Follow Luke as he is attacked by various devils and then return to Polca. They are inquiring about the Boy. After that, Gerhalt shows up and joins in.

Master Mage

  • They successfully knock Luke unconscious, and the fight then gets underway. This fight may prove to be difficult. Now that you have control of Peter, it is in your best interest to advance his level to level 15 as soon as possible.
  • Give him the Power Ring so that he may advance through the levels more quickly. Maintain a leisurely pace in order to prevent Gerhalt from falling behind.
  • To win the fight, you must first eliminate the Master Mage.


  • Luke makes a full recovery, at which point he advises you to see the Mayor. If you keep talking to him, eventually he will understand what’s going on and agree with you. He claims that the Devils would do nothing even if he handed up Oddler to them, which is why they substituted Luke for him.
  • If they construct a raft for Bowie, then Luke will forgive him. They are preparing the raft for use.
  • If you make an attempt to leave town, the Mayor will follow you and insist that you take the Oddler with you. In any case, he will accompany you everywhere you go.
  • Luke will join the Force when you leave the town.


  • Luke needs to make his way back to Bedoe and purchase a long sword. Return to the raft, then go downward. It seems as if you are below Ribble.
  • Take the first path that goes right and continue along it until you reach a range of mountains that looks like the one in the picture. Proceed to the surrounding desert and start a fight there.

Another Battle

  • There is arguably no more treacherous battlefield than the desert. Just Golems, no other new creatures. Prioritize leveling up Bowie, Slade, Peter, Gerhalt, and Kiwi.
  • Get them to 16 and stop worrying about it. It may take some practice, but after a few bouts you’ll be glad you did it. Sarah should not be promoted quite yet, even if she achieves level 20. You must eliminate all creatures before proceeding.

The Old Man

  • Talk to the elderly guy in the cave to the east. He claims that Petro, his grandson, took the Sky Orb so that they could make a machine in Grans operate. If you ask him again, he’ll tell you that the island below Ribble has a tunnel that leads to Grans. Bowie and the elderly guy are leaving.
  • Don’t sell the Long Sword; instead, take the Steel Sword and give it to Luke. Get on the raft and paddle back to the cave below Ribble. As soon as the elderly guy opens the door, the fighting begins.


  • You should focus most of your experience gains here. Here, level up Bowie, Peter, Slade, Kiwi, and Gerhalt to 20, and the others to at least 18. Wait to promote Kazin and Sarah if they reach the level 20.
  • Utilize the Warrior’s Pride to promote Jaha to Baron if he reaches level 20.
  • The level 20s should assault the golems, since they won’t get much experience from killing them. The remaining ones are valuable learning opportunities. Get rid of the bad guys before you can go on.


  • The Old man promises that the tunnel to Grans will be permanently closed after the conflict. Then he walks away. Both of the tunnel’s chests are located here.
  • The left one has a Power Water in it. There’s a wooden panel in the upper one. Obtain it without fail.
  • Put in their place all the people who were successful in getting it. You should wait to utilize the stat items until they become necessary. Hold off till you reach Hassan.


  • Retrace your steps to Ribble and return the Wooden Panel to the tree hollow. Break the lock and get the Achilles Sword from the chest within. Give it to Bowie, and to Slade, give the Long Sword.
  • You’re all set to tackle the challenge ahead.
  • There’s a good chance the next battle you enter will be challenging. Having Kiwi on your side as a monster will make the following fight much less of a challenge.

The fifth segment of our comprehensive walkthrough of the Shining Force 2 has now come to a close. Check out the other parts of the walkthrough to help you complete your adventure.

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Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 5


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