Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 2


This is the second part of our in-depth Shining Force 2 walkthrough, which can be found here. This article will walk you through everything that you need to know, from the time you leave Granseal after the fight with Gizmo, all the way up to the time you face Galam Knight!

Now that we’ve gotten everything out of the way, let’s get right into the discussion!

Outdoors Battle!

  • As soon as you leave Granseal, an encounter will commence outdoors. Make it your goal to raise everyone’s level to 5. Don’t forget the strategy you need to use in order to raise Sarah‘s level significantly. 
  • Simply have her use the Heal ability quite a lot, and her level will increase quickly. The fight shouldn’t be that difficult.
  • Short Spear attacks may now be launched from a distance of two squares for Chester. 
  • Exit the building and go forward until you reach Level 5. When all the creatures have been eliminated, the fight will be over.

The Force Sword Cave

  • Before approaching the village, go to the south and access the cave containing the force sword; however, you must first get the mithril.
  • Proceed downstairs using the stairs. You should take the Power Water out of the chest, but you shouldn’t use it just yet; you should wait until you’ve been promoted.
  • Get moving and make your way to Yeel. It’s not very exciting. You will need to meet Kazin at the far end of town so that he may take you to his boss.

Battle Against The Huge Bat

  • As soon as you set foot on the field, another skirmish will immediately begin. The Huge Bat, which has a more powerful attack, is the sole thing that sets it apart.
  • Bring everyone’s level up to 7 for this battle; it shouldn’t be too difficult. Always remember to preserve Sarah’s health at a good level, so she can continue to fight.
  • The fight is over after every monster has been eliminated.
  • After the fight, you should make your way up to Hawel’s residence.

Hawei’s Death

  • You will be escorted in by Kazin and you will observe 2 Galam Soldiers murdering Hawel
  • Hawel spends his dying breath to warn the other members of the Force about Ground Seal after Kazin has driven them away.
  • After that, your hero reports to Kazin that someone has already broken the seal on the chest. The next thing he says is that the tower is home to a terrifying demon. After that, he goes on to discuss the two gems.
  • After that, Hawel ends up passing away, and Kazin joins the party. After looking through the two chests, you should leave the house.

The Galam Soldiers and the Red Baron

  • Upon leaving the home, you will come face to face with several Galam Soldiers as well as a Red Baron.
  • He will give the order to his archer to take them alive captive.
  • The fights around here are becoming more difficult. Everyone should be leveled up to level 8 for this one.
  • In order for Kazin to reach that level, it might take some time, but if you give him some Blaze, he should be OK.
  • Whenever you need, make sure to use Egress. You can leave the area, after you wipe out every enemy.

Galam Prison

  • Following the conclusion of the fight, the Red Baron will knock out your hero before dragging him off to the Galam Prison.
  • When he comes to, someone is talking  about the two gems and the ground seal. Right at that moment, a ratman, who, if you saw the beginning of the episode, was the one who stole the jewels, wakes up and begins explaining what has happened.
  • The rat helps them out by opening the door just as they are about to run out of there. Slade is a master thief in his own right. After that, Sarah comes to the conclusion that Slade was the one who stole the gems, and she begins to blame him.

Escaping the Galam Prison

  • If you make an attempt to leave the prison, Slade will instruct you to follow him. He creates a hole in the floor and then approaches the other person to inquire about joining them. You should descend the pit, but before you do so, you should retrieve the mithril. Proceed through the door and go up the stairs.
  • After saving your progress at the priest, go in the left direction. You will soon see a scenario in which King Galam is launching an assault on Granseal with Lemon, the Red Baron, in command of the warriors. If you continue, you will come upon a scenario in which a Galam Knight is holding a diamond.

Battle Against Galam Knight

  • A conflict gets under way. There is now cause for concern over a total of two additional factors. Galam the Knight, as well as Galam the Mages.
  • Galam Mages have access to Blaze 1, hence it is important to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Make use of this time to advance to level 9.
  • Finish off the Galam Knight to win the fight.

Battle Aftermath

  • After the Galam Knight has been defeated, Slade will retrieve the Jewel of Light for himself. He requests the other, but King Galam already has it.
  • Slade hands the Jewel to your hero, and immediately thereafter, it becomes inextricably bound to his neck. 
  • Slade then enlists in the Force. He may start off weak, but he eventually becomes rather excellent as a Ninja, so don’t give up on him just yet.
  • Get Kazin and Sarah each a Short Rod, then acquire the two chests located in the rear of the item store. Chester should get a Bronze Lance, but he should retain the throwing weapon.

Our in-depth tour of Shinning Force 2 has reached the conclusion of its second part. Be sure to check through our whole tutorial before continuing your journey.

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Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 2


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