Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 4

In this, the fourth installment of our Shining Force 2 walkthrough, we pick up the narrative where we left off in the last episode, when Phoenix had just joined your group. Read how the story progresses below!

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Another Battle

  • As you travel to the southeast from New Granseal, you will soon find yourself in the middle of another conflict. At this point, you could choose to use the Checkboard technique, which entails not placing any two persons next to one other.
  • It is important to remember that the Vampire Bat may cast Blaze 2, therefore you should also keep Kiwi away from it. You begin the game with Peter at Level 9, and you have no influence over him.
  • Gain a level of 12 and then eliminate all the creatures in order to complete the quest. There is no need to be concerned about Peter’s standing just yet.

May is Coming Along

  • Make your way to Ribble. Someone will get suspicious of your activities and report them to the mayor.
  • Take the Mithril that is buried in the Sandpit and report to the Mayor immediately. He will be impolite to you until Peter intervenes and explains what has occurred to them all. After that, they will acknowledge Granseal as a friend and ally.
  • Purchase a Dagger for Slade and look near the door for a female Centaur. May is her name, and she will be coming with you. If you get her leveled up to a high enough point, she is an effective shooter.

The Dark Dwarf

  • Take the exit and continue heading south while keeping the river on your left. Ignore the cave and continue following the river; the next encounter will be found downstream. There is nothing unexpected about this conflict.
  • The Dark Dwarf, a new monster with powerful attacks, has just been introduced. The most important thing right now is for someone who has a spot open to take out the Witch that is far away.
  • This Witch wears a Power Ring on her finger. In the event that you are unable to get it, you can purchase it on sale at a store. It is not needed to bother about the levels; just eliminate all the enemies to proceed.

Dark Cavern

  • If you have the Power Ring, put it on May. Follow the river upstream while heading in the direction of the east. On the way up, you may ignore the bridge.
  • Proceed forward one scene and then take the bridge on the left. Continue along the mountain range until you reach the entrance to the Dark Cavern.
  • Peter tells that you may exit this cave and make your way to the summit of Mount Volcano. However, he claims that it is the dwelling place of a Hobgoblin, which is true.

The Hobgoblin

  • This fight is going to be a bit more challenging. Because of the obstruction in your line of sight, moving across this area may be quite difficult for you. The cave is not very difficult to navigate, so there is no need to be concerned about that.
  • At the very least, everyone should be at Level 13 here. Take your time with this level, and be sure to eliminate the hobgoblin before moving on. When you are through exploring this area, be sure to take the Silver Tank with you.
  • After leaving the cave, make your way to the Polca Village.

Polca Village

  • You may improve your equipment, which should be a Long Sword and a Bronze Rod. In this town, you will also come across Gerhalt, although he will not join you just yet. Proceed to the north end of the city and leave there.
  • It is predicted that the volcano will erupt, and a little kid will emerge from the mountain. The mayor visits him at his home to provide medical care. After making sure he’s okay, you should go to the mountain.

Death Archer

  • Once you begin climbing, you will observe several creatures conversing to each other. They then recognize you as members of the Polcan tribe and assault you.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, engage in combat on the staircase. It will restrict the number of individuals who can battle against that monster.
  • Don’t be concerned about your Levels in this section. Peter is going to end up killing a good many of the enemy anyhow. Just be patient and complete the conflict by killing the Death Archer. 


  • Make your way to Bedoe. When you speak with the guards, they will tell you that a Greater Devil attempted to attack, but Volcanon was able to put a stop to it. Go inside. Climb the stairs to the upper level and perform another round of equipment upgrades on your Knife, Iron Arrow, Steel Lance, and Middle Axe.
  • Proceed to the third level, search the vase for a Quick Ring, and hand it over to Jaha when you find it. Ascend the stairs, where you will find King Bedoe and Luke, and speak with them. The discussion will revolve on Zeon, the ruler of the demons. Proceed upward using the steps.

Volcanon’s Temple

  • Visit Volcanon in his temple. He then reveals that Bowie (your hero) is also from Granseal. Anger boils over in Volcanon as he holds all of Grans’s population responsible for Zeon’s unsealing. Despite Peter’s best efforts at persuasion, Volcanon insists that his role as protector of the surface dwellers has ended and that Bowie must now take on the Greater Devils alone in order to reseal the Devil. He offers Peter some parting words of wisdom before he formally joins the Force.


  • You need to return to the ground level. You will witness a situation in which a mother bird and her young one are having fun together. The fact that the infant is dropped and landed on Bowie’s head is what ultimately saves its life. Skreech is the name that has been given to the newborn.

Our walkthrough of Shining Force 2’s Part 4 has come to an end. Thank you for following along! Have a look at the next section, in which we explain the following portion of the Bowe’s journey.

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Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 4

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