Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 10


Part 10 of our comprehensive guide to Shining Force 2 can be found here. You might think of this guide as a continuation of the story from where part 9 left off, all the way up to boarding the Nazca ship.

Let’s get right down to business, since there’s a lot to cover.

Consulting The King

  • The King should be consulted, therefore you should return to Pacalon. He’ll be eternally grateful to you for helping to save Mitula. Contact Frayja, and he’ll tag along when you visit Moun. After you leave the castle, Geshp will be waiting outside. To assault Paramecia, he needs Frayja to let his demons into Moun and through the gate. Geshp catches up to Frayja as he flees and prevents him from continuing.
  • He then tries to have Cameela get the Key for him, but she refuses. Then he orders his demons to launch an assault.


  • Round up the 12s and 13s and meet here. The conflict isn’t very difficult. There’s really nothing here to shock you. Ignore the two thugs to the right of the entryway and continue down the ramp. If you cooperate as a group, you shouldn’t have any issues. Take care of the devil soldier down below to stop the fighting. Another encounter awaits you to the north of Pacalon.

Jaro Joins The Force

  • Somewhere in the midst of the conflict, a demon army soldier by the name of Jaro will go insane and defect to the Force. He will be replaced by a computer for this fight. Raise everyone to a level 13–14. Karna should now be proficient in Aura. You may get about 20 Experience Points by using it in combat. Take out the Bow Master and the fight will finish. Jaro will claim he is from Galam and enlist in the Force.
  • Travel to Moun in the northwest. When Frayja finally unlocks the barrier, he’ll find out that a great many people have perished within. After that, he joins the Force and takes the spot of the current 12th member. You should get out of there and replace Frayja with the member you have. Send the Quick Ring to Bowie as well. Get back in the fray. Raise your level range to 14–15. Now that Karna has access to Aura, she should level up really quickly. In order to conclude the combat, you must make your approach slowly to the Shaman and kill him.
  • Astral will look for any remaining people. All the survivors have hid under the rock. Zynk is the hero who rescued them. He is a robot from the past. It’s illogical, yet do as he says. Seize the Fleeing Pimento -hang onto it. You may reach Gyan on the right side of the secret base.
  • His hometown is Ribble. Following this, he enlists in the armed forces. As a matter of fact, Gyan is really powerful. This is where I normally eliminate Chester, as Rick is a more powerful Paladin than he is. Gyan, in.
    Once you’ve had some time to reflect about Gyan, you should visit Zynk outside. To Grans, he will accompany you.

Arm of Golem

  • Get Sarah an Iron Knuckles and give Karna the Brass Knuckles as a gift. If you ask around before leaving via the west gate, you will hear stories of the Arm of Golem. Spend some time looking about town for it, since it’s probably not going to be where you expect it to be. Upon obtaining it, leave via the west gate and go north-northwest to the sand picture of a bird. Cameela will be waiting for you in the lobby when you arrive.

Preparing For Battle

  • The appearance of Geshp sparks a brawl. Then he’ll go, and you’ll have to face off against Cameela. Moving up and to the left while maintaining your place in the checkerboard pattern is a good strategy. Karna and Sarah may level up faster if you have them tend to their wounds. Put everyone on a level 15–16 here. If you fail to eliminate every threat, it is OK.
  • Put Cameela in your sights. Your greatest defense is always Kazin’s summoning. Put a stop to all of this by eliminating Cameela. When Cameela realized she was defeated, she surrendered the Sky Orb to Bowie.
  • When Cameel begins to speak about Geshp’s Prism Flowers, Geshp becomes enraged and sets fire to her. According to Zynk, the Prism Flowers have been around for a long time. Go through the slit in the bird’s eye.
    Once inside, reach for the chest to get the Nazca Cannon and give it to Janet. Simply insert the Sky Orb into the Cockpit to get the spacecraft going. As the spacecraft takes off, Astral reveals his true age. After that, Zeon and Geshp will have a conversation.

Odd Eye

  • Over the cape, Geshp plans to take them out with his gun, but first he has to steal Odd Eye. Since Odd Eye is still wounded after the fight against Volcanon, Zeon advises taking Red Baron instead. Geshp exits, and Odd Eye approaches Zeon to strike up a conversation. Once the Prism Flowers are ready, Geshp will use them.
  • The Nazca is then shot down and crashes against the cape. Astral, upon regaining consciousness, orders the ship’s evacuation in case Geshp has arrived. Come off the ship. A return to Grans Island has occurred.
    Nearly time to face Zeon, if you can survive Geshp, Red Baron, and Odd Eye first.

The tenth segment of our Shining Force 2 walkthrough has come to an end. However, there is still a considerable distance left to go on this expedition. There are more fights for you to take part in! Check out the eleventh part of the Shining Force 2 walkthrough!

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Shining Force 2 Walkthrough – Complete Guide – Part 10


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