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Shindo Life Spawn List March 2022

Shindo Life is one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform, known for its rich and diverse content, gameplay, and other similar things. 

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Shindo Life takes a nuanced approach when it comes to content accessibility. There are items, game modes, events, and many other things that spawn at a particular location at a particular time. 

Because of this, players miss out on many things. So, to help you out, we have listed spawn time for every Item, Jutsu, Mode, etc.

Shindo Life Spawn List

Here is the Shindo Life item, events, and other locations and spawn times. Navigate through the tables to find the spawn time for any respective item, event, mode, etc.

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The spawn time is in EST, but you can convert it to your regional time using any online time conversion tool.

Highly Recommended Weapon and Jutsu Spawn Time

ItemSpawn TimeDespawnLocationRarityScroll Type
Peekaboo Jutsu11:2011:45Training Fields1 / 69Jutsu
Grass Tanto11:2011:45Dawn Hideout1 / 16Weapon
Toad Summon11:2011:45Tempest1 / 80Jutsu
Obelisk Chi Blade11:2511:50Obelisk1 / 25Weapon
Savage Blade11:2511:50Obelisk1 / 4Weapon
Sun Tailed Spirit Gen 211:3011:55Obelisk1 / 10Mode
Medical Mode-Transfer11:3512:00Ember1 / 35Jutsu
Two Bladed Scythe11:4012:00Obelisk1 / 2Weapon

Ninja tool Spawn List

Shark S word 1:10Dawn Hideout1/12Weapon
SL2 Slayer Blade1:15Dawn Hideout1/15Weapon
Dunes Chi Blade1:25Dunes1/25Weapon
Chi Rod Toss1:25Storm1/16Throwable
Moon Staff1:30Forest of Embers1/60Weapon
Bubble Flute1:40Haze1/45Weapon
Apollo Blade1:45Great Narumaki Bridge1/60Weapon
SL2 Bomb Blade2:15Dunes1/15Weapon
Saberu Tanto2:20Training Fields1/5Weapon
Nimbus Chi Blade2:25Nimbus1/25Weapon
Plate of Curry2:25Jejunes1/60Consumable
Demon Toss2:40Haze1/12Throwable
Chi Kunai2:45Ember1/5Weapon
Azim Dual Senko2:50Ember1/100Weapon
Senko Kunai3:10Ember1/15Weapon
SL2 Senko Kunai3:15Ember1/25Weapon
Sun Staff3:15Training Fields1/55Weapon
Bankai Blade3:25Training Fields1/60Weapon
Haze Chi Blade3:25Haze1/25Weapon
Dio Senko Blade3:35Ember1/45Weapon
Kokotsu Blade4:10Obelisk1/20Weapon
Heaven Blade4:15Tempest1/60Weapon
Shindai Umpire Fan4:15Dawn Hideout1/60Weapon
SL2 Shindai Prime Blade4:15Dawn Hideout1/50Weapon
Rice Cake4:20Jejunes1/60Consumable
Shindai Prime Blade4:25Shindai Valley1/80Weapon
Satori Blade5:10Ember1/30Weapon
Rykan Blade5:10Haze1/45Weapon
SL2 Dual Lightning5:15Haze1/10Weapon
Raion Blade5:25Obelisk1/14Weapon
Shiver Tanto5:45Forest of Embers1/30Weapon
Electro Blade5:50Dunes1/12Weapon
Shizen Raijin6:15Ember1/9Weapon
SL2 Thread Blade6:15Haze1/20Weapon
Super Serum6:15Jejunes1/60Consumable
Dual Chi Rods6:20Storm1/25Weapon
Air Style Fan6:25Dunes1/2Weapon
Dagai Sword6:40Dunes1/4Weapon
SL2 Grass Tanto7:15Obelisk1/30Weapon
Nimbus Sword7:25Nimbus1/20Weapon
Sound Flute7:40Obelisk1/30Weapon
Riser Akuma Blade7:44Tempest1/80Weapon
Samurai Tanto7:45Nimbus1/6Weapon
Shindo Blade7:55Nimbus1/8Weapon
SL2 Heaven Blade8:15Dawn Hideout1/20Weapon
Pika Blade8:32Tempest1/70Weapon
Slayer Blade8:40Haze1/20Weapon
Acrobat Style9:15Nimbus1/15Weapon
Dual Lightning9:20Haze1/6Weapon
Thread Blade9:30Haze1/10Weapon
Alphirama Blade9:40Obelisk1/14Weapon
Dual-Bladed Scythe9:45Haze1/2Weapon
Triple Cobalt Blade10:25Obelisk1/6Weapon
Stone Buster10:40Obelisk1/10Weapon
Umpire Guitar11:10Obelisk1/45Weapon
SL2 Chi Kunai11:15Ember1/15Weapon
Grass Tanto11:20Dawn Hideout1/16Weapon
Savage Blade11:25Obelisk1/4Weapon
Obelisk Chi Blade11:25Obelisk1/25Weapon
Two Bladed Scythe11:40Obelisk1/2Weapon
Forged Umpire Fan12:00Dawn Hideout1/30Weapon
Bomb Blade12:10Haze1/15Weapon
Heroes Water12:10Jejunes1/60Consumable
SL2 Nimbus Sword12:15Nimbus1/15Weapon
Ember Chi Blade12:25Ember1/25Weapon
Demon-Scythe12:40Dawn Hideout1/8Weapon

Sub-Ability Spawn List

Narumaki Barrage1:15Great Narumaki Bridge1/50Martial Art
Toad Cursed Spirit1:20Tempest1/250Mode
Spirit Spear1:30Training Fields1/7Martial Art
Air Style: Odama Spirit Bomb1:30Training Fields1/8Jutsu
Saberu Suprise1:50Training Fields1/20Martial Art
Narumaki Vanishing Clone2:10Great Narumaki Bridge1/25Jutsu
Bat Cursed Spirit2:15Forest of Embers1/15Mode
Spider Cursed Spirit2:20Training Fields1/35Mode
Divination Spirit2:20Ember 250 YC1/120Mode
Cobra Spirit Awaken2:35Obelisk1/50Mode
Spirit Bomb-Shuriken Toss2:45Nimbus1/14Jutsu
Demon Warp2:45Forest of Embers1/6Jutsu
Shock Style: Dual Electro2:45Forest of Embers1/25Jutsu
Super Odama Spirit Bomb2:45Forest of Embers1/16Jutsu
Vanishing Image2:45Ember1/15Jutsu
Spirit Bomb-Shuriken Rush2:45Ember1/10Jutsu
Frog Spirit Awaken2:45Ember1/25Mode
Mastered Frog Spirit2:45Ember1/30Mode
Demonic Spirit2:45Haze1/8Mode
Finite Strength Spirit2:45Training Fields1/16Mode
Mao Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)3:10Nimbus1/10Mode
Wood Vanishing Image3:10Nimbus1/35Jutsu
Heavenly Wall3:10Obelisk1/55Jutsu
Liquid Control3:20Haze1/25Jutsu
Narumaki Vanishing Multi-Clone3:25Great Narumaki Bridge1/40Jutsu
Su Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)3:30Dunes1/10Mode
Demon Gate Spirit3:30Ember1/14Mode
Shockslam Technique3:35Obelisk1/25Jutsu
Snake Summon3:35Tempest1/120Jutsu
Shock Style: Electro Blade3:55Ember1/12Jutsu
Senko: Spirit Bomb4:15Ember1/16Jutsu
Vanishing Spirit Bomb4:25Forest of Embers1/35Jutsu
Dunes Fate Spirit4:30Dunes1/20Mode
Vanishing Clone: Barrage4:40Ember1/13Jutsu
Flame Control5:10Ember1/25Jutsu
Water Vanishing Image5:15Obelisk1/35Jutsu
Snail Spirit Awaken5:20Obelisk1/40Mode
Body Replacement5:20Haze1/40Jutsu
Ember Fate Spirit5:25Ember1/20Mode
Captain Jokei5:30Obelisk1/500Mode
Specialist Spirit5:35Ember1/45Mode
Reality Talk5:35Storm1/50Jutsu
Senko: Storm5:40Obelisk1/60Jutsu
Kor Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)6:10Ember1/15Mode
Haze Fate Spirit6:20Haze1/20Mode
Exploding Vanishing Image6:30Forest of Embers1/40Jutsu
Heavenly Spirit6:45Dunes1/11Mode
Chu Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)7:10Dunes Village1/10Mode
Air Control7:15Dunes1/25Jutsu
Tree Illusion Technique7:15Ember1/20Jutsu
Reaper Spirit (SL2)7:25Forest Of Embers1/80Jutsu
Obelisk Fate Spirit7:30Obelisk1/20Mode
Cloak Spirit7:35Nimbus1/25Mode
Cobra Stretch Mode7:45Tempest1/60Mode
Nimbus Fate Spirit8:10Nimbus1/20Mode
Confusion Illusion Technique8:10Storm1/20Jutsu
Gai Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)8:25Nimbus1/10Mode
Reaper Spirit8:25Forest of Embers1/70Jutsu
Eagle Companion9:15Nimbus1/65Jutsu
Shock Control9:25Nimbus1/25Jutsu
Isu Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)9:30Haze1/10Mode
Fire Shurikens9:30Forest of Embers1/15Jutsu
Sei Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)10:10Haze1/10Mode
Lightning Shurikens10:10Training Fields1/25Jutsu
Peekaboo Jutsu11:20Training Fields1/69Jutsu
Toad Summon11:20Tempest1/80Jutsu
Sun Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)11:30Obelisk1/10Mode
Medical Mode-Transfer11:35Ember1/35Jutsu
Ku Tailed Spirit (Gen 2)12:10Obelisk1/10Mode
Great Spiraling Spirit Bomb12:15Great Narumaki Bridge1/50Weapon
Akuma Eternal Hand12:20Ember1/70Mode
Reptile Cursed Spirit12:20Storm1/30Mode
Multi-Vanishing Clones12:25Ember1/12Jutsu
Stone Control12:35Obelisk1/25Jutsu
Reality Style: Warp12:45Ember1/50Jutsu
Tyn Tailed SpiritWave 20War Mode1/15Mode

Event Sub-Ability Spawn List

ItemSpawn TimeLocationRarityCategory
Santa Platinum Winter1:15 (Christmas Event)Nimbus1/25Mode
Rab Style: Prison2:15 (Easter Event)Haze1/16Jutsu
Shadow Snowman2:45 (Christmas Event)Obelisk1/5Jutsu
Rab Style: Warp3:13 (Easter Event)Obelisk1/30Jutsu
Rab Tailed Spirit4:20 (Easter Event)Tempest1/15Mode
Sleigh Bomb6:35 (Christmas Event)Nimbus1/25Jutsu
Rab Style: Meteorite6:55 (Easter Event)Obelisk1/50Jutsu
Sleigh Summon7:15 (Christmas Event)Ember1/20Jutsu
Korashi Multi-Summon8:15 (Halloween Event)Dawn Hideout1/40Jutsu
Puppet Platinum Halloween8:20 (Halloween Event)Dunes1/60Mode
Mastered Rabbit Spirit8:20 (Easter Event)Dunes1/35Mode
Firework Subjutsu10:20 (New Years Event)Dunes1/15Jutsu
Scarecrow Seal Halloween10:35 (Halloween Event)Dunes1/80Jutsu
Clown Trap Halloween12:25 (Halloween Event)Nimbus1/50Jutsu

We will update the spawn time if needed. In case we missed any item spawn location or time, please name it down in the comments and we will verify and update.

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Shindo Life Spawn List March 2022

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