Shindo Life: Reality Talk Location Guide + Showcase


Welcome to Shindo Life, the anime action adventure RPG where players can explore vast landscapes, battle fierce spirits, and unlock their potential as a true ninja. There are lots of different ways to power up your character, and one of the ways is to find new abilities. One such ability is the Reality Talk sub-ability, which we will go over in our Shindo Life Reality Talk location guide + showcase!

Shindo Life: Reality Talk Location and Move Showcase

Reality Talk is an Illusionary sub-ability that can trick enemies into hallucinations. To unlock Reality Talk, you must locate the scroll, which is nearby Blaze Village. When you’re starting the game, make sure to spawn at Blaze Village.

Once you spawn in Blaze Village, you’ll need to head out to the wilderness. From the spawn point, turn to your right, and you should see a big archway. Go through it, and you’ll see one of the gates that leads out, so head forward.

Once you’re out in the open, immediately look to your left, and you should see a rocky hill. Jump on the hill, and you should see the Reality Talk scroll on the rocks. Do note that the Reality Talk scroll only spawns at 5:35 AM/PM server time, so keep an eye on the clock in the top right corner.

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In order to unlock Reality Talk as a sub-ability, you need to be at least level 850, have your Ninjutsu stat at 4,000, and pay 4,000,000 Ryo.

Reality Talk is an Illusionary sub-ability that cripples enemies and makes them see things that aren’t real. Enemies targeted with this ability receive moderate damage and are stunned, falling to their knees.

As this is happening, enemies will start hallucinating a vision of you sitting on a swing. Once the stun wears off, the hallucination will also wear off, and enemies will regain control of themselves.

(via Shindo Life Wiki) An example hallucination that affected enemies will see.

There you have it—that’s how to find the Reality Talk sub-ability and how to use it to its fullest effect. Reality Talk can be a fantastic crowd control ability, so it’s very useful against multiple targets.

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Shindo Life: Reality Talk Location Guide + Showcase


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