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Shikigami: Myth: How to Get More Characters

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In this game you will have quite a few characters to play with, and out of all of them you will be able to form a team of 5 and send them out to battle! Sounds exciting? Well, the game will have several ways to get more characters (not a lot, but a few) and if you want to learn all the ways that you can get more characters, then you came to the right place.

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Firstly, make sure that you check out the game guide that we have put together right here, so that you can learn all the game tips and tricks that we know and of course, if you know some more, feel free to share them with us and the rest of the players!

But for now, let’s focus on what is important – you came here to learn all the ways that you can get more characters in Shikigami: Myth, so let’s share with you all the ways that we know of – also, if you know some more, feel free to share them with us by leaving them down in the comments section below! We would love to learn if there are more or if we missed to mention something as well!

Shikigami: Myth – Get more characters from summon

One of the safest ways to get more characters or shards for characters is from the summoning option. In game the summoning option will have several option, and we are going to explain how each of them work so that you will know which summon you can do when the time comes and when you have the required resources!

– Summon using the free Summon Tickets: You can head on to the Summon -> Character menu -> tap on the gold arrows on the left, tap once on an arrow and you will be in the Spirit Gatcha -> there you can tap on either 1 Draw or 10 Draw!

I suggest that you save up enough Summon Tickets to do a 10 Draw because it feel like the chances are higher when you summon multiple times.

– Summon using Crystals: You can tap on Summon -> Character and there you can select one of these options: Spirit Gatcha or Shikigamis Unite.

This summon will cost 200 Crystals per 1 summon for Shikigamis Unite, or 1800 Crystals for 10 summons (you get 1 free, and this is a time limited event running at the moment so it might not run in the future).

The Spirit Gatcha summon is a little different, in the sense that it will be 150 Crystals per 1 summon, or 1350 Crystals for 10 summons. It is slightly less expensive, but the heroes you get are not the same.

– Summon using your Friendship Points: For this summon you will need 180 FP (Friendship Points) for 1 single summon, or 1620 FP for 10 summons. The only way to get more FP is by adding more friends in your friends list, so whenever you get the pop up, don’t shy away and add more friends.

The Summon Awakening Item Gatcha is not going to give you heroes, however it will give you items which you can use to empower your heroes, so if you need those, it costs 100 Crystals per 1 summon, or 900 Crystals for 10 summons.

My suggestion: focus on saving Crystals to do multiple summons and focus on the heroes, and once you have gained your desired heroes, then you can do the Awakening Item Gatcha.

Shikigami: Myth – Get more characters from the game’s Facebook events

The game also has a Facebook page, which you can visit often because they are constantly posting there various quizzes and events, which are not difficult to attend at all.

If you have an account, you can check the Shikigami: Myth Facebook page where the game staff will post updates about the game and also hold various events which can give you UR character shards of your choice and more. Definitely make sure that you check it out and if you can, attend too! It will help you get more heroes easily!

Shikigami: Myth – Get more characters from the in game events

Well, since there are quite a lot of events running in the game, and by this I mean time limited events which ask you to complete various (fairly easy) tasks, I suggest that you always try to keep an eye on them and on the game’s updates.

Since the game will have updates and maintenance quite often, usually those are followed by some updated in game events, new game events and rewards. Try to always pay attention if there are any events currently running in the game, and if you spot any, check out the rewards.

Some of the events might not reward you with characters, while others will give you plenty of shards and more, but nonetheless make sure that you check them out and try to complete them to get the rewards within the time limit.

Shikigami: Myth – Get more characters by going Premium

It might go without saying, but if you choose to spend some real money into the game and go premium, you will also benefit from various rewards, among which character shards (or even characters – depends on the amounts!).

While this is not a free way, it is a way to get more hero shards, so if you feel like you want to spend money on the game, first make sure that you check the offers because some might be better than others.

This is not a way that I really like, but if you have some extra cash laying around, you can choose to spend it on the game if you want, but the free ways will give you enough characters in my opinion.

Shikigami: Myth – Get more characters from the in game challenges

You can spot various challenges in the game, which are basically various missions. You can complete those to claim various hero rewards. Even if the heroes you receive from them might not be the best UR heroes or so, it is a way to get more heroes who are decent.

Try to complete as many challenges as you can and focus especially on the ones which give you the hero shards rewards if that is what you need firstly.

Shikigami: Myth – Get more characters from completing the Story Mode

In the Story Mode you will be able to claim a few heroes, so if you need one free and safe way to get more characters in the game, try to advance as much as you can in the Story Mode stages.

Keep on upgrading your heroes and make them more powerful, and soon enough you will see that you have gathered some free heroes!

These would be all ways to get more heroes in Shikigami: Myth that we know of. Do you know some more ways to get more heroes in the game? Share them with us down in the comments below!

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