Shikigami: Myth Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Battles and Pass More Stages

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Shikigami: Myth tips and cheats to help you better understand the game and win all of the battle stages (and much more).

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The game will have quite a few interesting features, not only the characters (their design, interaction and voices) but also the types of game modes and such, and therefore we’ve put together everything that we learned from the game into one article are created a Shikigami: Myth game guide!

Since this game combines pretty anime-style characters and a typical chibi anime play style, which have instantly drawn me in with their allure! (yeah, I am quite the anime fan)

So let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Shikigami: Myth tips and tricks right here below to help you pass more stages and become more powerful!

Start by playing the stages

As soon as you start off in the game I suggest that you start to pass the in game stages, because that is what will advance you through the game. By playing the Story Mode stages you will get access to all of the game’s features, so it’s the best way to advance.

I suggest that as soon as you are getting started in the game you start to progress with the levels (head on to the main interface -> Story tab) because you will level up, gain a ton of rewards and it’s possibly one of the best approaches that you can take early on in the game for a quick and steady progress.

Claim the loot chests from the Story mode

Every few levels that you progress through the Story mode, you will see big chests which appear as “locked” at start, but once you pass the stage next to them, you will be able to tap on them and claim the loot. Make sure you do this for every single chest that you see, because they will contain a ton of useful rewards, so it’s definitely worth looking to open them ASAP!

Aim for 3 stars!

Every stage can be completed with the maximum score of 3 stars! In order to get this, you will see the requirements for every single level, right before your dive into it and start battling.

For some of the stages, even early on, you might have a pretty difficult time passing it with 3 stars in the first go, but don’t worry! This shouldn’t be a big issue for you, because the more you advance in the game, the more powerful you will get. So for now you can just focus on playing and passing the stage with 1-2 stars (if you can’t with 3).

Once you passed the stage, no matter how you did, you will be able to advance and improve your characters. By doing this you can re-visit the old stages which you failed, and therefore try to play them again and pass them with 3 stars!

So keep in mind: If you can’t pass a stage with 3 stars at first, just pass it and once you got more powerful, come back and try to pass it again, but with 3 stars! This takes me to the next point:

Open the star chests

For every chapter in the game, you will have 3 chests which will require various amounts of stars to be collected. For passing all the stages with 3 stars, you will be able to claim all of the chests! These are chests which contain Crystals, Gold and generally good loot, so make sure that you do what we mentioned before and try to pass all of the stages with 3 stars, so you can claim all of these chests!

Summon more characters

In the game you will be able to summon more characters by heading on to the “Summon” menu. There, you will have several options, so if you have gathered some Summon Tickets from the quests by now, let me tell you how you can use them to get more characters and what other summoning types there are!

To use the free Summon Tickets, head on to the Summon -> Character -> tap on the gold arrows on the left, tap once on an arrow and you will be in the Spirit Gatcha -> Tap on either 1 Draw or 10 Draw!

To summon with Crystals, tap on Summon -> Character and there you can select either Spirit Gatcha or Shikigamis Unite. It will cost 200 Crystals per 1 summon for Shikigamis Unite, or 1800 Crystals for 10 summons (you get 1 free, but this is time limited event running now). If you want to summon the Spirit Gatcha, it will be 150 Crystals per 1 summon, or 1350 Crystals for 10 summons.

To summon with Friendship Points, you will need 180 FP (Friendship Points) per 1 summon, or 1620 FP for 10 summons. They can be acquired by adding more friends in your friends list!

To summon Awakening Item Gatcha you will need 100 Crystals per 1 summon, or 900 Crystals for 10 summons. These are items which you can use to make your team more powerful!

I suggest that you first use your Summoning Tickets to summon the Spirit Gatcha for free, and once you got this done, you can then start working on the Skikigamis Unite summon. Try to save 1800 Crystals to make 10 summons, because every 10 summons you will have a guaranteed SR character.

Select your starting spirit

When you are staring off in the game you can choose your starting spirit from the 3 given to you as an option. Make a choice and select the one you want, but choose carefully because you cannot choose again! Let me help you pick the right character for you:

Seismograph – she is a support character, with the traits of a Physical Melee Tank, so she can withstand a ton of damage, boost the allies’ HP %, and also boost all allies’ damage reduction.

Taishang Laojun – she is a character who balances ATK and DEF, being sort of a magical mid ranged support. She will be able to boost allies’ DMG and inflict Paralyze effects on the enemy, so it’s a pretty fun character.

Hyaku Shosen – she is a very offensive character who deals tons of magical ranged DPS, and can boost the allies’ magic and physical damage!

If you want a good damage dealer on your team, go for Hyaku Shosen! If you want a balanced char with CC (crowd control), then choose Taishang Laojun, and if you want a tank / support, then go for Seismograph.

Once you made your choice, go ahead and try to complete all of the requests that the character asks of you, and on the seventh day you will be able to claim that UR character!

Upgrade your characters

Every time that you collect enough resources, make sure that you invest them in your team because you will want to have all of the characters on your team as powerful as possible. There are a few types of upgrades that you can make to your team members, so let me explain a little about each of them!

– To increase your character’s level, tap on the Member menu -> “Summoned” tab and select the character you want to upgrade -> Upgrade -> Level Up. That will use Osake and other items to increase the level of the character.

– To boost a character’s rank, you will need to increase the character’s level and have the required items, which you can collect from the star chests and as quest rewards.

– To Star Up a character, you will need to collect various amounts of that character’s Shards and then pay a Gold Fee and that will allow you to upgrade the character’s star.

– Upgrading a character’s Ability means distributing the Ability Points into the character’s skills, so make sure you do this when you have a few Ability Points.

Upgrade characters’ equipment

Just like you would upgrade a character’s stats, you can also boost their gears and make them more powerful. It all requires Gold for upgrades, and special items to increase the maximum upgrade level, so make sure that you collect all the necessary materials (check for the character that you want) and save them up!

Do the daily quests

Every single day you should make sure that you complete all of your daily tasks, because they will reward you with quite a lot of Gold and other goodies. You can find the daily tasks in the Quests menu on the main interface, so make sure you check them out because they are easy to complete!

Also in this menu, you can find your in game Achievements, so check them out and if you want one of the rewards that are given off here, try completing that task to claim the reward you need.

Pay a visit to the Traveling Merchant

This Traveling Merchant is a shop owner who will come visit every now and then and offer you a selection of wares for both Gold and Crystals. The Traveling Merchant will stay for only a limited period of time, so if you see the option on your main interface, check it out because you might find something useful!

I suggest that you buy from this merchant the UR and SSR fragments if you can afford them, because they are at a reasonable price and if you can purchase them with Crystals, it’s basically free! (because it is in game currency, not premium currency)

Improve your Guardian Spirit

The Guardian Spirit will give you various Attribute Bonuses, and the more Guardian Spirits you have, the more bonuses you can benefit from.

During combat, only the Guardian Spirit that you worship can use skills, so make sure that you check out all of them out and try to make the best choice because it depends on your team and you need to find that perfect synergy! To boost a Guardian Spirit all that you really need to do is give them Offerings!

Decorate your Mini Inn

The Mini Inn is a very cute option which lets you decorate your very own mini inn with various furniture pieces and increase your relationship with various Shikigamis.

A Mini Inn can have up to 3 floors, but you can’t really unlock them unless you are a premium player – as a free player, you will only benefit from 1 floor! I suggest that once you have the girls that you want, invest your Crystals in buying some furniture for them here and decorate it!

Do the Challenges

Every single day you should check out the Challenge menu, where you can take part in various in game challenges and claim tons of rewards. You can also find the Arena here where you can PvP, but it’s not all about that!

For example you should check out the Coin Challenge, because that way you will be able to farm for some Coins and help you get more rich!

You can take a look at our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our Shikigami: Myth tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you want to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Shikigami: Myth Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Battles and Pass More Stages

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