Shi Wuyou is one of the characters in Girl Cafe Gun. This article will tell you about the differences of all her variations and which one is stronger.

Shi Wuyou in Girl Cafe Gun

Shi Wuyou in Girl Cafe Gun has three variations in total. All of them differ by rarity and strength. Also, they have different abilities that determine their role in your team.

Official Dress Shi Wuyou is a common card. This one is a supporting character that improves her team’s max HP and movement speed with her abilities. Also, she has two passive skills that reduce her damage taken and the chance of getting the Burned status. This card doesn’t have much use and you better replace her as soon as possible. You can get this card via standard supplies.

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Casual Shi Wuyou is a super rare card. This one is one of the greatest Erosive cards in the game. Her abilities deal a huge amount of Stagger damage and increase it. Also, she has a passive ability that improves Shi Wuyou’s Immobilize resistance. This variation is worthy to get and it is probably the strongest form of Shi Wuyou. You can get this card via standard supplies.

Maid Shi Wuyou is an ultra-rare card. Despite being the rarest variation of Shi Wuyou, it is not the best one. Her Maid card is good with dealing damage to crowds of weak enemies, but not so good in dealing with big guys. Her abilities are all about dealing damage to enemies. You can target an entire crowd. This one Shi Wuyou has a passive skill that improves her resistance against Blinded status. You can get this card via standard supplies as well.

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