Shattered Planet is an interesting role playing game, developed by Kitfox Games, where you will have to explore an hostile planet in search of alien life forms and other survivors who have crash-landed with you on the same planet. The game features some heavy rogue-like elements that make it a joy to play for gamers who love this kind of titles.

The game comes with so many gameplay systems and mechanics that’s it quite easy to get overwhelmed by them. Still, if this doesn’t stop you from wanting to master the game, you might be interested in the following tips and tricks for Shattered Planet.

  • Movement

Always take your time when moving around and exploring. Since the game is turn based, you really have no reason to rush things. Carefully check every movement you make, especially when entering a new room, to avoid getting crushed by unseen enemies. There’s a way to know before hand is a misty area has some enemies lurking inside. Make sure to check out the glowing red eyes in the mist, if you can spot them, there are enemies nearby.

Even if you’re all careful with your movements, there will be times when you will simply be overpowered by the enemies. In these cases it’s absolutely all right to simply run away. You’re not supposed to defeat all of the enemies you encounter, after all.

  • Powering Up

While powering up, it’s really important to focus on Health early on for a very simple reason: the more health you have, the longer you will be able to survive. Since the game lacks a defense stat, having more health is the only way to survive against the enemies’ attacks. Once your health level is acceptable, you can start focusing on the other stats. Strength is particularly helpful, since defeating enemies quickly will allow you to get attacked less and keep exploring more.

  • Inventory Problems

Being a roguelike game, you only have a limited inventory space while exploring. Still, you can use a simple trick to free up some inventory space while exploring. If you see a restorative item on the ground, simply throw away one in your possession, pick the item up, use it and then pick again the item you threw down. This is a pretty simple trick that will eventually be helpful when exploring for longer.


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