Shadow Seven: Captains Guide & Best Captains in the Game

Do you want to know what are some of the best captains in Shadow Seven and learn everything that you need to know about them? Well, you came to the right place! Because in today’s article we are going to teach you exactly that!

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From what each Captain’s effect is, to how you need to play them and much more, we will cover everything! So in case you had any misconceptions or there was something that you wanted to know about a particular Captain, then we’ll clear everything out for you!

So without further ado, here’s our Shadow Seven Captains guide, starting with the most basic thing that you need to know:

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What are Captains & how you use them?

The Captains are your team’s “Core”. They are units which will attack the enemy with special skills or will help the ally team in various ways (heals, shields) by casting their special move when the conditions are met.

Now there are a couple of very important things that you need to keep in mind, relating the Captains: if a captain dies, then it’s basically game over for you. If you kill the enemy Captain, then you’ve won the game. It is that simple!

Your team can have only 1 Captain, so depending on the one that you choose, you might want to switch the cards in the deck to have a better synergy with it.

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How to use the Captains?

Basically each Captain will have their own unique skill. Their skill will activate automatically upon meeting the condition (it is different for all the Captains) and depending on what effect it has, it will apply to the team or the enemy team.

Each captain has their own Attack and Move pattern, so you need to pay close attention to that because while some of the Captains are doing better just staying away and staying alive, others are better in close combat because of the super high damage they deal. Other than that, use them like your other cards and try to keep them alive for as long as possible.

Equip items to the Captains

The Captains can equip each two items: a weapon and a shield. These items can be obtained from completing various stages and claiming all kinds of rewards. Whenever you get one, make sure that you equip it to the captain that you play with in your Deck.

Upgrade the Captains

The Captains can be upgraded too, as long as you have their fragments and enough currency for it. I suggest that you try and upgrade only the Captains you use mostly first, because otherwise you might not have enough to upgrade all of them. So try and decide on one main Captain that you want to use and then start upgrading as you get the fragments.

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List of Captains and their traits

There are 7 Captains in the game, as the game’s title bluntly suggests. They each have a unique skill so it is up to you to pick the one that you like the most:

First Captain with your chosen name (starter one)

Skill: Courage (Apply ATK increasing buff to all allies for 2 turns. ATK Up +50% of target’s ATK)

This is a good Captain for hands-on fights where you want them to go ahead and start attacking enemies. Once you activate his skill it will be a good time to go full attack mode on the enemy with all of your units, because they will receive a big buff.


Skill: Hope (Heal all allies. Heal: 18% of Target’s Max HP)

Leah is a good Captain to use when you want sustain because the heal will make a huge difference. I like to use her most of the time because with some good high damage cards in the deck and a couple of “tanky” ones it’s a pretty easy win.


Skill: Overcharge Magic Power (Deal damage to all enemies. DMG: 100% of Captain’s ATK)

Telos is another one of my favorites because of the AoE skill which damages all enemies, including the opponent’s Captain. This can work very well with some cards which give you some sustain and even more damage.


Skill: Assassinate (Deal damage to enemy Captain. DMG: 150% of Captain’s ATK)

This Captain’s skill will apply directly to the opponent’s Captain. It is a fun Captain, as the enemies can’t really do anything about it no matter where they place the Captain.

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Skill: Massive Explosion (Apply Stun debuff to a random enemy for 1 Turn and deal damage to all enemies. DMG: 50% of Captain’s ATK)

Effie is a good Control Captain. If you have units which work well with that or if the enemy has some powerful ones, Effie can work well in your deck as the Captain, however the RNG is not always going to be in your favor to stun the enemy you want.


Skill: Queen of Cruelty (Apply ATK Decreasing debuff to all enemies for 1 Turn. If an enemy affected is below 50% HP, then they are Slept for 1 Turn. ATK Down: -50% of Target’s ATK)

Atasha can be fun to play if your units deal a lot of damage fairly quick. That is, because she can then apply AoE Sleep to all of the units once they are lower than 50% HP and that will basically make the opponent unable to attack properly.


Skill: Demon Awakening (After healing Ally Captain, apply Life Drain buff permanently. Heal: 30% of Max HP)

Argos is another one which is on my favorites list. The Life Drain buff is useful because it is like “Life steal” – from all of the damage they do, some of it will be converted back to HP. It is a Captain which has decent damage and can do well healing himself.

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Shadow Seven – Best Captains

In my opinion all of the Captains can be good, depending on how well they are upgraded, geared up and with what other cards they are paired up in the deck. However, if I were to choose a few which were my absolute favorites and the best in my opinion, it would be these:

– Argos

– Leah

– Telos

– Atasha

This would conclude our Shadow Seven captains guide with our picks for the best Captains in the game! Don’t forget to check out our game guide right here to learn more about the game, as well as all of our tips and tricks!

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Shadow Seven: Captains Guide & Best Captains in the Game


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