The evil shadow forces have arrived, and they have already took out the elven and dwarven cities! Shadow Kings is a city building strategy game that pits you in charge of one of the last remaining human bastions. Refugee humans, dwarves and elves have all gathered in your city and it’s up to you to train them to fight against the shadow forces! We’ll help you get started with our Shadow Kings cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Are you ready to enter the fantasy world of Shadow Kings? Join forces with your allies to take on the shadow forces with the help of our Shadow Kings cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.


1. Follow the quest lines!

Like most city building games, there are quests that when completed grant you various rewards. These quests also serve as a general guide to your main route of progression, so it’s best to follow these and build whatever they tell you to build. Your city will expand naturally as you follow the quests.

2. Be punctual with your tax collections!

Tax collection works like this: you set a specified amount of time to collect taxes. The more citizens you have and the longer you set the time for, the more gold you’ll earn in the end. However, you must return to the game after that specified time finishes. After the time finishes, you will begin to slowly lose gold. The longer you take to get back and collect the taxes, the more gold you will lose, so be punctual!

3. Keep your food reserves high!

You can check your food reserves at the top right. Make sure to build more farms when you create more units, because if you don’t have enough food to keep up with your amount of units, you’ll start losing them to starvation! You can also upgrade individual farms to have them increase their production rate. If you tap the two cogs at the top right corner, you can see your production rate and the amount of food being consumed. Make sure to not let your consumption rate be greater than your production rate!

4. Stay productive!

If you’re waiting around for a building or upgrade to finish, why not send some troops out to raid a shadow camp, or vice versa? You’ll be getting multiple things done at a time, so it works out in the end. Point is, you should never be waiting around idly waiting for something to finish. There should be something for you to do!

5. Knowing your enemy is half the battle; do some espionage!

After a couple of levels, you’ll be able to build a Mystic Tower. These let you employ the talents of the mystics, units who are skilled in tactical information retrieval, also known as espionage! When you select a shadow camp, you can choose to deploy some mystics. There will be two icons: a lighting bolt and a magnifying glass. The lighting bolt is the chance your mystics will be discovered by the enemy, and the magnifying glass is how accurate their information will be. The more mystics you use, the higher your chance of discovery and information accuracy will be. Try to strike a good balance between low discovery and high accuracy, but it’s important to note: unless your accuracy rating is 100%, your information will not be exact! The information will show you what kind of loot you can plunder from the camp, how many units they have and where they are stationed. Also important to remember is that even if your mystics are discovered, you will still gather information, but the enemy will have higher defenses than usual as they’re aware of your snooping.

6. Use that knowledge to make tactical decisions!

The information your mystics bring back is invaluable. Make sure to keep your mystics tower upgraded so you get better accuracy. Depending on how accurate your mystics were, you’ll be able to tell where enemies are positioned, what kind of unit they are, if they’re good against melee or ranged units, and so forth. Take advantage of this knowledge and strike their weak points. For example, I found out a camp had only 5 units, and they were all positioned on the front lines. Thus, I sent my own units to attack through the left and right flanks, which were completely unguarded. It led to a swift victory!

7. For tough battles, bring some tools!

There are various tools that you can deploy along with your troops to increase their odds in battle. There are tools like the Scaling Ladder that give a defense increase when used against the castle walls, which means the flanks. Tools like the Battering Ram help your units on the frontline that are going straight for the castle gates. These are all considered attack tools, but there are also defensive tools as well. Be sure to equip your city in case you get attacked!

8. Form alliances… or attack other players!

You’ve probably already noticed but you can see other real players’ cities around your own. You can form alliances with these players, lending each other supplies and assisting when battles happen. This can help out in the long run. Or, if you’re feeling more chaotic than diplomatic, you can even attack other players and plunder their resources! Just be sure to double up on the defenses, because you can bet whoever you attack is going to repay the favor!

That should be the basics of city management. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below! Until next time!



  1. It keeps saying have tower two but where do I buy the tower???? I’ve looked in the building thing but none of the towers are the right ones


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